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Archived Articles

Remember an old article and want to look it up?  Here are many of the old articles that have run in our headline section in the past.  

If you are wanting to run an old article in your website or for your newsletter, just let us know and make sure that you attribute it to  If on the web, please also be sure to hyperlink to our home page.

  1. Finding the black box in your car
  2. Calcium Supplements
  3. Canadian pharmacies
  4. What does senior care really cost - Do people have all the answers?
  5. Cheaper medications are available but only outside the US
  6. The Chip Family
  7. Check out old classmates to renew old friendships and chase winter blues away
  8. Coffee - gourmet or otherwise - health benefits of coffee
  9. Dangerous medications - supplements
  10. Drug Coverage Opions
  11. Drug-Food Choice
  12. Senior driving threatened
  13. Long term care insurance questions
  14. Charity giving
  15. Good Grandparenting From Birth
  16. Health confidence in the medical system
  17. Going dancing is healthier than it used to be
  18. Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment
  19. Adversity brings out the best - Humans are still alive here
  21. Eli Lilly discounting drugs for seniors
  22. Senior loneliness alternatives homecare, assisted living, mother in law suite, roommates
  23. Long term care insurance coverage
  24. Long term care exclusions
  25. Mesothelioma
  26. McGee Lumber Company
  27. Medicare and home care
  28. Mitochondrial decay and aging
  29. Osteoporosis and the problems of this generation
  30. Parking Lot Monitors Traffic
  31. Paying for long term personal care
  32. Grandparents Raising Grandchildren
  33. Reverse mortgages giving seniors extra living cash
  34. Learning to say "no"
  35. Senior Discounts - history
  36. New driving laws for senior drivers
  37. Seniorize your business
  38. Senior Shoppers - buying more and shopping for services
  39. Sending spam to make the scam
  40. Social Security Trust Fund
  41. Technology Threats
  42. Things that you keep
  43. Vitamin E and anti aging
  44. Memory Improvement
  45. Lung Health Day
  46. Avoiding the flu - tips for seniors



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