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Drug Manufacturer & State Free 

Almost every major drug manufacturer sponsors "free medication programs" called s that are meant for people with low income who otherwise cannot afford to buy medication.

Free medication programs however, have certain requirements, mostly related to income and current benefit levels.  In other words, if you are currently employed and have an income that is above the minimum or you have other benefits and services that would allow you to pay for your medications like through an insurance program, you probably won't qualify for most free medication programs.

Each  has its own qualifications however, and you should examine each one.  Additionally, while we attempt to keep these programs up to date, each program could change its requirements and you need to follow provided links to see if there are any changes.

Find your program by:


State Programs

3M Pharmaceutical Alabama AIDS 
Abbott Laboratories  Alabama All Kids
Abbott Laboratories Virology Alaska AIDS 
Allergan Alaska Chronic and Acute 
Allergan Botox Indigent Arizona AIDS 
Alpharma Kadian Arizona KidsCare 
American Regent Venofer Arkansas AIDS 
Amgen Encourage Foundation  - Enbrel ARKids First
Amgen SAFETY NET  California AIDS
Amgen SAFETY NET  California AIM (Access for Infants and Mothers)
Astellas Prograf California Healthy Families Medi-Cal
Astellas Protopic Colorado AIDS Drug
AstraZeneca Foundation Colorado Child Health Plan Plus
AstraZeneca (Iressa) Connectics ConnecticsCare
Athena Neurosciences Connecticut AIDS 
Aventis Oncology PACT + Anzemet Connecticut ConnPACE
Aventis PACT + Anzemet Injection CINV Connecticut Husky Health Plan A
Aventis Lovenox  Delaware AIDS 
Aventis Pasteur Indigent Delaware Healthy Children
Aventis Delaware
Aventis Oncology PACT + Taxotere More Coming
Axcan Scandipharm Care First 
Axcan Scandipharm Comprehensive Care for CF
Axcan Scandipharm
Baxter Healthcare IGIV Services
Berlex Inc
Biogen Avonex Access Program
Boehringer Ingelheim
Bone Care Intl. Hectorol
Bristol-Myers Squibb
Centocor Remicade
Cephalon Actiq 
Cephalon Provigil 
Digestive Care, Inc Assistance Program
Duramed Pharmaceuticals Cenestin
Eli Lilly Cares and Zyprexa
Eisai Aciphex
Eisai Aricept
Elan Indigent Patient Program
Alcon Labs Glaucoma
Humira Medicare Assistant Program
Lilly Answers Card
Centocor Retavase
Ross Medical Nutritionals
Ross Metabolic Formula and Elecare
More Coming




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