Cenestin Patient Assistance Program (PAP)

Cenestin Patient Assistance Program (PAP)

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Duramed Pharmaceuticals, Inc

Cenestin Patient Assistance Program (PAP)

Sponsor Organization
Duramed Pharmaceuticals, Inc

Prescription Medication Assistance Organization Contact
Cenestin Patient Assistance Program (PAP)
1878 Arena Drive
Hamilton, NJ 08610
Phone: (800) 425-3122
Fax: (800) 685-2577

Medications sent to: Patientís Doctor

Prescription Medications/Products Covered:
Cenestin 0.3 mg Tablets
Cenestin 0.45 mg Tablets
Cenestin 0.625 mg Tablets
Cenestin 0.9 mg Tablets
Cenestin 1.25 mg Tablets

Program Information And Resources:
Cenestin PAP Qualification Form

Program Eligibility Requirements:
Duramed Pharmaceuticals, Inc a subsidiary of Barr Pharmaceuticals, Inc has developed the Cenestin Patient Assistance Program (PAP) for those U.S. residents without prescription drug coverage through either public or private insurance. Cenestin will be provided free of charge to patients who meet the following criteria: Patient has no insurance or other third-party payer prescription drug coverage, including Medicaid coverage or Medicare managed care coverage. Patient's annual income must fall within a predetermined range.

Additional Information and/or Requirements (known):
Patient must requalify after 90-day initial supply. Patients participating in the Cenestin Patient Assistance Program (PAP) are required to have a Qualification Form completed and reviewed for eligibility on an annual basis.




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