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Fraud - Seniors are getting hit harder all the time.  Here's some of the more common ones and ways to avoid fraud. 

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acupuncture Acupuncture - Often misunderstood and seldom understood, this treatment is growing in it's popularity and acceptance. 

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Technology Cures - Or is technology the enemy.  Perhaps it's a genie that's best watched closely.

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Black Box Cars - If you are driving a GM or Saturn, you are probably sitting on a black box that is monitoring your driving.

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Social Security Trust Fund - Deficits report doesn't look good

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Blood Clots - New Mighty-Vac for blood clots could save lives.

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Buy, Sell, Hold - what does your analyst really mean?  We have an idea.  See what you think!

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Oxymoron - You've heard of military intelligence and Microsoft Works, but here just a few more that will get you smiling.

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Legal Corner Launches - New resources, new help files, and SeniorMag Sponsor Attorneys  

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