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Seniors everywhere are becoming more computer literate and in fact are by passing many younger users.  Whether you are a beginner, a tech guru, or just want to learn a little more, you can find some very valuable information here and answers to many questions... all presented in easy to understand English.



Windows Vista Review - thinking of upgrading or buying a new computer with Vista?  Check out this review first.  
AOL Problems - If you are still using America Online 7.0 or earlier, you might not be seeing he net the way that it is intended.  Find out how you can fix AOL and make things clear up a bit.
Attachments - People put attachments on their email all the time.  Sometimes they are pictures, sometimes a letter, contract, or other document.  Basically, if it is on your computer, you can send it to someone else.
Backup routines - Are you at risk from losing all of your data to a hard disc crash?  You can make sure that even if your computer goes bad or perhaps even stolen, you will still have your data.
Bookmarks, and browser history - A quick tutorial.  Use these browser features to help you find where you have been and how to get back there again.
Broadband - The new buzzword that is all over the commercials.  What is broadband and is it right for you?
Buying Online - Is it safe?  Can you trust that your information is safe from those that want it.
Fun stuff - If you are new online and not sure where to start, here are a just a few of the fun things that you can start with.
Intrusion - Security for your home computer system.  Things you need to know about being online
Internet Usage Among Seniors - More seniors are online than ever before
Search Engines - How do they work and how do you get great results from them?  Some tips on working with search engines.
Time machine software - New products are available to save your computer from disaster and let it go back to a time when everything worked, even wiping out the effects of a virus.
Travel - Using your computer for air travel isn't as hard as you may think and it can save you a ton of money.  Here are some great tips for surfing the Internet to find reduced plane fares.
Virus Information - We all know that they are bad and we have all heard about the disasters.  What is a virus and how can you defend against them?
Zip Files - People send them all the time, but what are they and how do they work?


Definitions and Lists

Internet Term Glossary - Now that you are online, there are a lot of strange terms being thrown around.  What do they mean and are they important.  Check here to find out.
File Extensions - those odd little characters after the dot in all file names.  Each suggests a file type and this list tells you about each.
A very handy tool for those that are tech guru wannabees and for that occasional file that you just cannot figure out.)

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