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X AVS image (SDSC Image Tool)
X Source code file (Lex)
XAR Corel Xara drawing
XBM A MIME 'X11" bitmap image
XDL XML Schema file
XFN Printer font file (Xerox)
XFN Printer font file (Ventura Publisher)
XFT Printer font file (24 Pin) (ChiWriter)
XFX Fax Document (Various)
XHTML eXtensible hypertext markup language
XI Instrument sample file (ScreamTracker)
XI Instrument file (FastTracker II)
XIF Wang imaging file (Included with Windows 95)
XIF Image file (Xerox) (same as TIF)
XIF Image file (Pagis)
XIF Image file eXtended (ScanSoft) the file is similar to TIFF and is a (Pagis) native format
XLA Add-in file (Microsoft Excel)
XLA Archive (Xlib)
XLB Toolbar file (Microsoft Excel)
XLB Datafile (Microsoft Excel)
XLC Chart file (Microsoft Excel)
XLD Dialogue file (Microsoft Excel)
XLK Backup file (Microsoft Excel)
XLL Add-in file (Microsoft Excel)
XLL Dynamic link library (Microsoft Excel)
XLM Macro file (Microsoft Excel)
XLS Worksheet file (Microsoft Excel)
XLT Template file (Microsoft Excel)
XLT Translation table (Lotus 1-2-3)
XLT Translation table (Symphony)
XLT Translation table (Procomm Plus)
XLV VBA module (Microsoft Excel)
XLW Workbook (Microsoft Excel)
XM Music module (MOD) (Fast Tracker 2)
XMI Compressed midi music (eXtended)
XML eXtensible markup language
XNF Network file (Standard)
XNK Shortcut file (Microsoft Exchange)
XON Datafile (Axon)
XPM X BitMap format
XQT Executable file (Waffle)
XQT Macro file (SuperCalc)
XR1 Data file (Epic Megagames Xargon)
XRF Cross-reference file (Generic)
XTB External translation table (LocoScript)
XTP Data file (Xtree)
XWD X Window Dump format (SDSC Image Tool)
XWF Works file (Yamaha XG) (MIDI sequencing)
XWK Keyboard mapping file (Crosstalk)
XWP Session file (Crosstalk)
XWP Text file (Xerox Writer)
XX Compressed ASCII archive (XXENCODE)
XXE Compressed ASCII archive (XXENCODE)
XY Text file (XYWrite)
XY3 Document file (XYWrite III)
XY4 Document file (XYWrite IV)
XYP Document file (XYWrite III Plus)
XYW Document file (XYWrite for Windows 4.x)
X01 Secondary index file (Paradox)
X02 Secondary index file (Paradox)
X03 Secondary index file (Paradox)
X04 Secondary index file (Paradox)
X05 Secondary index file (Paradox)
X06 Secondary index file (Paradox)
X07 Secondary index file (Paradox)
X08 Secondary index file (Paradox)
X09 Secondary index file (Paradox)
X16 Macromedia Extra (program extension), 16 bit
X32 Macromedia Extra (program extension), 32 bit

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