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V Consistency check support file (ReaGeniX Code Generator)
V Main image input file (Vivid 2.0)
VAL Validity checks/referential integrity checks (Paradox for Windows)
VAL Values list object file (dBase Application Generator)
VAL Asset management document (Milliplex OmniValue)
VAN Animation file (VistaPro)
VAP Annotated speech file (Generic)
VAR Variable file (IconAuthor)
VAR ASCII text file for data dictionary (Sterling Software Groundworks, COOL Business Team Enterprise Model)
VBA VBase file
VBP Project file (Microsoft Visual Basic)
VBR Remote automated registration file (Microsoft Visual Basic)
VBS Script file (Microsoft Visual Basic)
VBW Workspace file (Microsoft Visual Basic)
VBX Custom control file (Microsoft Visual Basic)
VBX Visual basic extension (Microsoft Visual Basic)
VC Include file with color definitions (Vivid 2.0)
VC Spreadsheet (VisaCalc)
VCE Unformatted voice file (used by Cool Edit)
VCE Unformatted voice file (Natural Microsystems) (NMS)
VCF Virtual card file (Netscape)
VCF Virtual card file (Many programs use this extension)
VCF Configuration file; defines objects for use with Sense8's WorldToolKit (Vevi)
VCT Class library (Microsoft FoxPro) (MFC)
VCW Visual workbench information file (Microsoft Visual C++)
VCX Class library (Microsoft FoxPro)(MFC)
VDA Targa bitmap
VDA Graphics image (Generic)
VDR Drawing file (ComputerEasy Draw)
VEL 3D drawing file (CAD( (Ashlar)
VEW View file (Clipper 5)
VEW View file (Lotus Approach)
VFL Clip art file (PrintMaster Gold)
VFM Voting form (Voter)
VFN Voting form for customers (VFN)
VGA Video graphics array (Monitor type, also defines if your monitor is compliant with the new (1994) SVGA (Super Video Graphics Array) (SVGA)
VGA Video graphics array (Font type for display on a VGA Monitor)
VGD Visual display driver ( Generic CADD)
VGR Graphics file (Ventura Publisher)
VI Graphics file (Jovian Logic VI)
VI Virtual Instrument file (National Instruments LABView)
VIC Graphics file (Vicar)
VID Shell monitor file (Microsoft DOS v.5)
VID Screen device driver (Microsoft Word)
VID Bitmap graphics (YUV12C M-Motion Frame Buffer)
VID Bethesda video files (Terminator, Future Shock)
VIF Khoros Visualisation image (SDSC Image Tool)
VIFF Khoros Visualisation image (SDSC Image Tool)
VIK Graphics Image (Viking)
VIR File identified as a virus-infected file by Norton AntiVirus and possibly others
VIS Graphics image file (VIS)
VIV Streaming video file (VivoActive)
VIZ dVS/dVISE file (Division)
VLB Library file (Corel Ventura)
VLM Drafting program file (Vellum, by Ashler)
VM Virtual memory file (Geoworks)
VMC Virtual memory configuration file (Adobe Acrobat Reader)
VMD On-line video file (Sierra) (Torin's Passage)
VMF Audio file (FaxWorks)
VMF Font characteristics file (Ventura Publishing)
VML Vector markup language (used by Microsoft Office 2000)
VMS Text file with vms specific information
VO Include file with object definiton (Vivid 2.0)
VOB Encrypted video and audio files used on current DVD's (Digital Video Disk)
VOC Audio file (Creative Labs Sound Blaster)
VOC Audio file (Quartet)
VOF Object folder (VZ Programmer)
VOX Dialogic audio file coded using ADPCM
VOX Formatted voice file (Natural Microsystems) (NMS)
VOX Audio file (Talking Technology)
VP Publication (Ventura Publisher)
VPG Graphics image file (VPGraphics)
VQA Video files (Westwood Studios)
VQE VQ Locator file (Yamaha Sound)
VQF VQ file (Yamaha Sound) (possible emerging standard)
VQL VQ Locator file (Yamaha Sound)
VRF Configuration file (Oracle 7)
VRM Overlay file (Quattro Pro)
VRML Virtual reality modeling language
VRP Project file (VXRexx)
VRS Video device driver (WordPerfect for Windows)
VS Include file w/surface definition (Vivid 2.0)
VSD Drawing file (flow chart or schematic)(Shapeware Visio)
VSL Download List file (GetRight)
VSM Simulation model (VisSim)
VSN A Windows 9x/NT ViruSafe version file; used to keep information about all the files in a directory; when a file is accessed, information is compared with the VSN information to ensure that they match
VSP Image sprite (SPX)
VSP Data print file (Schedule Soft)
VSS Stencil file (Shapeware Visio)
VSS Smartshapes image file (Shapeware Visio)
VST Targa bitmap (Generic)
VST Bitmap graphic file (TrueVison Vista)
VSW Workspace file (Shapeware Visio)
VUE Animation file (3D Studio)
VUE View file (dBase IV)
VUE View file (Microsoft FoxPro)
VW Text file (Volkswriter)
VWP Audio MetaSound plug-in (VoxWare Audio Compression Toolkit version 2.02.61)
VWP Audio plug-in (Voxware MetaVoice Toolkit)
VWR File viewer (PC Tools)
VXD Virtual device driver (Microsoft Windows 9.x)
V8 8-bit audio file (CoVox)

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