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SIF Setup installation files (Microsoft Windows NT)
SIG Signature file (PopMail)
SIG Current program settings (Signature)
SIK Backup files (Microsoft Word for Windows)
SIK Backup files (Sicherungskopie)
SIT Compressed archive of Mac files (Stuffit)
SIZ Configuration file (Oracle 7)
SKA Secret Keyring file (PGP)
SKF Drawing file (AutoSketch)
SKL Resource file (Macromedia Director)
SL Save Layout extension (PACT)
SL Source code file (S-Lang)
SLB Slide Library File (AutoCAD)
SLC Compiled SALT script (Telix)
SLD Slide File (AutoCAD)
SLI Slide file (MAGICorp Slide Service)
SLK Symbolic link spreadsheet (SLYK)
SLL Sound data file (Generic)
SLT Script application language (SALT) (Telix script source)
SM Source code file (Smalltalk)
SM Maillist (SoftSpoken Mailer)
SM Script file (ScriptMaker)
SM Text file (Samna Word)
SM3 Symbol file (DataCAD)
SMD Video game console ROM emulator file
SMF Fax document (SMARTFAX)
SMK Image file (Deer's Revenge)
SMK Image file (Smack Player)
SMK Image file (Nascar Racing '99)
SMM Macro (AMI Pro)
SMP Samplevision format
SMP Sample file (AdLib Gold)
SMS Emulator ROM image file (8-bit Sega Master System)
SMT Text file (Smart Ware II)
SMT SmartObject file (IconAuthor)
SND Sound file (NeXt)
SND Sound resource (Macintosh)
SND Raw unsigned PCM data
SNDR Sound file (Sounder)
SNDT Sound file (SndTool)
SNG Midi song file (Midisoft Studio)
SNG Midi song file (Prism)
SNM Mailbox (mail folder) index (Netscape)
SNO Source code file (Snobol4)
SNP Output video file (Computer Eyes)
SO Shared library file (Unix)(equivalent to a Windows DLL)
SOL Solution file (Common used with game examples,tutorials)
SOM Network serial numbers (Quattro Pro)
SOM Sort information files (Paradox)
SON Song file (Creative Labs SoundBlaster Studio II)
SOU Sound file (Creative Labs SoundBlaster Studio)
SP Compressed archive for Unix (Sprint)
SP4 Saved game (Roller Coaster Tycoon)
SPC Program file (Microsoft MultiPlan)
SPC Temporary file (WordPerfect for Windows)
SPD Data file (Speech)
SPD Scalable font (Speedo)
SPD Scalable font (Harvard Graphics 3.0)
SPF Slide presentation file (EnerGraphics)
SPG Glossary file (Sprint)
SPI Graphics file (Siemens Scanner)
SPI Graphics file (Phillips Scanner)
SPL Object file (ShockWave Flash)
SPL Sample file (DigiTracker)
SPL Compressed archive (SPLINT)
SPL Customized printer driver (Sprint)
SPL Personal spell dictionary (Signature)
SPL Printer spool file (Microsoft Windows 3.x)
SPL Sample file (Generic)
SPM Data file (WordPerfect for Windows)
SPP Printer file (Sprint)
SPPACK Sound sample (SP Pack)
SPR Document letter (Sprint)
SPR Generated screen program (Microsoft FoxPro)
SPR Sprite (Image layering and resizing)
SPRITE Bitmap file (Acorn)
SPS Spssx source code file (VAX/VMS)
SPS Screen driver (Sprint)
SPT Source code file (Spitbol)
SPT Support file (MITAC disk/system management utility package)
SPU Picture file (Spectrum 512)
SPW Worksheet (SigmaPlot)
SPX Compiled screen program (Microsoft FoxPro)
SQC Structured Query Language (SQL) common code file
SQL SQL queries (Informix)
SQL Generally used by database products as an extension for SQL queries (scripts, text, or binary)
SQP Query result of audio search (Sonique)
SQR Structured Query Language (SQL) program file
SQZ Compressed archive (SQUEEZE)
SRE Undefined file (Motorola)
SRF Raster graphics file (Sun)
SRM Video game console ROM emulator file
SRP SCript file (QuickLink)
SRZ Source file (DataFlex)
SS Bitmap graphics (Splash)
SSA Video file (Sub Station Alpha)
SSD Datafile (SAS/PC)
SSD01 SAS data sets (Unix)
SSD SAS database (Dos)
SSF Spreadsheet file (Enable)
SSP Datafile (SAS Transport)
ST Source code file (Little SmallTalk)
ST Instrument library (Scream Tracker)
ST Disk Image file (Atari)
ST Stamp file (NeoPaint)
STA Saved state (Reflection 4.0)
STA Stack file (SpinMaker Plus)
STB Stub library (Genus GX Kernel)
STD State transition diagram graphic file (Prosa)
STD Standard script file (LocoScript)
STF Compressed archive (SHRINKTOFIT)
STL Stereolithography file
STM Shorter suffix for .shtml, an HTML file containing a server side include (SSI)
STM Music module (MOD) (Scream Tracker 2)
STM State transition diagram model file (Prosa)
STM Music file (Scream Tracker)
STO Pascal stub OBJ file (Genus GX Kernel)
STQ Text file (Statistica) (StatSoft Software)
STR Screensaver file
STR Structure list OBJ file (dBase IV Application Generator)
STS Project status information file (Microsoft C/C++)
STS Song file (Music) (Scream Tracker)
STY Style sheet (Ventura Publisher)
STW Data file (SmartTerm for Windows)
STX Electronic book file (SmarText)
STX Tax form (CA-Simply Tax)
STY Style sheet (Generic text and graphics programs0
SUI Suit library (Simple User Interface Toolkit)
SUM Summary file (Generic)
SUN Rasterfile graphics (Sun)
SUP Supplementary dictionary files (WordPerfect for Windows)
SVD Autosave file for document (WordPerfect for Windows)
SVF Simple Vector Format 2D image (Microstation)
SVG Autosave file for glossary (WordPerfect for Windows)
SVG Scalable vector graphics file (Adobe)
SVP Graphics file (Sonique)
SVS Autosave file for style sheet (WordPerfect for Windows)
SVX Sound file (Amiga 8SVX)
SVX Interchange file format, 8SVX/16SV
SVY Database file (SAVVY/PC)
SW Raw signed Word (16bit) data
SWA Shockwave audio file in Macromedia Director (an MP3 file)
SWF Object (ShockWave Flash)
SWG Swag Packet file (SWAG Reader)
SWP Swap file (DataCAD)
SWP Document backup file (Sprint)
SWP Swap file (DOS)
SY1 Smartpix symbol library (Ami Pro)
SY3 Symbol file (Harvard Graphics 2.0)
SYD Backup of startup files (QEMM)
SYM Precompiled header file (Borland C++)
SYM Program symbol table (Generic to compilers)
SYM Symbol file (Harvard Graphics 2.0)
SYN SDSC Synu image file (SDSC Image Tool)
SYN Synonym file (Microsoft Word 5.0)
SYS System file (Generic)
SYS Datafile (SYGRAPH)
SYS Datafile (SYSTAT)
SYS Datafile (SPSS/PC)
SYS System file Device driver or hardware configuration file
SYW Wave file (Yamaha SV-series)
SYW Graphics symbols (Harvard Graphics)
S3I Instrument file (Scream Tracker v 3.0)
S3M 16 channel music file (Scream Tracker v 3.0)
S$$ Temporary sort file (Sprint)

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