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QAD Document (PF QuickArt)
QAG Quick Access Group data file (Norton Desktop)
QAP Application file (Omnis Quartz)
QBE Saved query (dBase IV)
QBE Saved Query (Quattro Pro)
QBO Compiled query (dBase IV)
QBS Program file (Microsoft QuickBasic)
QBW Spreadsheet data (QuickBooks for Windows)
QCP Voice file (Qualcomm Pure Voice)
QD0 Data file-segment 10 (Omnis Quartz)
QD1 Data file segment 1 (Omnis Quartz)
QD2 Data file segment 2 (Omnis Quartz)
QD3 Data file segment 3 (Omnis Quartz)
QD3D QuickDraw 3D Metafile (Apple)
QD4 Data file segment 4 (Omnis Quartz)
QD5 Data file segment 5 (Omnis Quartz)
QD6 Data file segment 6 (Omnis Quartz)
QD7 Data file segmnet 7 (Omnis Quartz)
QD8 Data file segment 8 (Omnis Quartz)
QD9 Data file segment 9 (Omnis Quartz)
QDF Data file (Quicken)
QDK Backup of startup files (QEMM)
QDT Data file from the Quicken UK Accountancy/Tax/Invoice program (QuickBooks)
QDV Graphics file (Steve Blackstock Giffer)
QEF Query file (Microsoft Excel)
QEL Electronic library file (Quicken)
QFX Fax (QuickLink)
QIC Backup file (Microsoft)
QIF Image (MIME)(QuickTime)
QIF Import file (Quicken)
QLB Library file (Quick)
QLB Library file (Microsoft C/C++)
QLC Data (PostScript help file)
QLP Printer driver (QuickLink)
QM Motion file (Quality)
QM4 Option or services file (QMail 4.x Mail Door)
QPR Generated query program (Microsoft FoxPro)
QPR Print queue device driver (OS/2)
QPX Compiled query program (Microsoft FoxPro)
QQT Qardware definition file (Quick Qard Technology)
QRP Report builder file (Centura)
QRP Report file (Liberty for Windows 2.0)
QRS Equation Editor support file (WordPerfect for Windows)
QRT QRT graphics file (Ray Tracer)
QRY Query (Microsoft)
QRY Query (dBase IV)
QSD Datafile (Quicken)
QST Tab file (Quake Spy)
QT Movie file (QuickTime)
QTI Image file (QuickTime)
QTIF Image file (QuickTime)
QTM Movie file (QuickTime)
QTP Preferences file (QuickTime)
QTS PICT image file (Macintosh)
QTS Image file (QuickTime)
QTX Image file (QuickTime)
QW Write program file (Symantec Q&A)
QWK Message file (QWK Reader)
QXD Data file (Quark Xpress)
QXL Element library (Quark Xpress)
QXT Template file (Quark Xpress)

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