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PDF Portable Document file (Adobe Acrobat) (displayable with a Web browser)
PDF Definition File
PDF Printer Definition File (Netware)
PDF Graphics file (ED-SCAN 24bit)
PDL Project description language file (Borland C/C++)
PDM Physical model file (PowerDesigner)
PDP Print Shop Deluxe file (Broderbund)
PDQ Flowcharting PDQ Lite file (Patton&Patton)
PDS Photographic image file (origin not yet identified)
PDS Hardware assembly source code file (Pldasm)
PDT Database file (ProCite)
PDV Printer driver (Paintbrush)
PDW Document (Professional Draw)
PDX Database index file (ProCite)
PE3 Image archive file (Ulead PhotoImpact)
PE3 Image archive file (QuickViewer)
PE4 Image archive file (Ulead PhotoImpact v.4.0)
PEB Program Editor bottom overflow file (WordPerfect for Windows Library)
PED Program Editor delete save file (WordPerfect for Windows)
PEM Program Editor macro (WordPerfect for Windows library)
PEQ Program Editor print queue file (WordPerfect for Windows)
PER Program Editor resident area file (WordPerfect for Windows Library)
PES Program Editor work space file (WordPerfect for Windows Library)
PET Program Editor top overflow file (WordPerfect for Windows Library)
PF Encrypted file (Alladin Systems)
PFA Type 3 font (ASCII)
PFB Type 1 font (binary)
PFC PF Component file
PFC Text file (First Choice)
PFC Personal filing cabinet file (AOL)
PFF Paraform file for 3D modeling (Scandata)
PFK Programmable function keys (XTreePro)
PFM Printer Font Metrics (Microsoft)
PFS Database text file (PFS:Write)
PFT Printer font (ChiWriter)
PG Page cut/paste file (IBM LinkWay)
PGI Printer graphics file device driver (PGRAPH Library)
PGL Plotter drawing (Hewlett-Packard)
PGM Portable Graymap (bitmap)
PGM Program file (Signature)
PGN Portable game notation file (ChessMaster and others)
PGP PGP encrypted file
PGS Manual page (man4dos)
PH Temporary file generated by Microsoft Help Compiler
PH Optimized .goh file (Geoworks)
PH Perl header file
PH Phrase-table (Microsoft C/C++)
PHN Phone list (UltraFax)
PHN Phone list (QmodemPro)
PHO Phone database (Metz Phone for Windows)
PHP HTML page that includes a PHP script
PHP3 HTML page that includes a PHP script
PHR Phrases (LocoScript)
PHTML HTML page that includes a PHP script
PHTML perl-parsed HTML
PI1 Low resolution picture file (Dages Elite)
PI2 Medium resolution picture file (Dages Elite)
PI3 High resolution picture file (Dages Elite)
PIC Bitmap (PC Paint)
PIC Pixar picture file (SDSC Image Tool)
PIC Picture file (Lotus)
PIC PICT drawing (Macintosh)
PIC 3D Image file (SoftImage)
PICT PICT image file (Macintosh)
PIF Program Information File
PIF PIF drawing (IBM)
PIF Vector graphics GDF file (IBM Mainframe)
PIF Compressed archive (Macintosh)
PIG WAD file (Lucas Arts Dark Forces
PIN Data file (Epic Pinball)
PIN Data file (Epic Pinball)
PIX Bitmap (Inset Systems)
PIX Alias image file (SDSC Image Tool)
PJ Project file (CA-SuperProject)
PJ Source Integrity file (MKS)
PJT Visual FoxPro memo file (Microsoft)
PJT Visual Foxpro Project (Microsoft)
PJX Visual FoxPro project file (Microsoft)
PK Packed bitmap font file (TeX DVI)
PKA Compressed file archive (PKARC)
PKG Developer Studio application extension (similar to a DLL file) (Microsoft)
PKG Installer script (NEXT)
PKR Public Keyring (PGP)
PKT Packet file (Fidonet)
PL Interleaf printerleaf (or WorldView) format
PL Source code file (Perl)
PL Source code file (Prolog)
PL Property list font metric file (TeX)
PL Palette (Harvard Graphics)
PL1 Room plan (3D Home Architect)
PL3 Chart palette (Harvard Graphics 3.0)
PLB Library file (Microsoft FoxPro)
PLC Add-in file (Lotus 1-2-3)
PLG A format use by REND386/AVRIL
PLI Data description file (Oracle 7)
PLL Pre-linked library file (Clipper 5)
PLM Module (DisorderTracker2)
PLN Spreadsheet (WordPerfect for Windows)
PLR Pilot file (Descent 1-3)
PLS Sample file (DisorderTracker2)
PLS MPEG PLayList file (used by WinAmp)
PLT Drawing (HPGL Plotter)
PLT Plot drawing (AutoCAD)
PLT Palette (Generic)
PLT Pre-linked transfer file (Clipper 5)
PLT Sign-making software (Gerber Optical)
PLY Data file (PopMail)
PLY Presentation screen (Harvard Spotlight)

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