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P Source code (Pascal)
P Application parameter file (ReaGeniX code generator)
P Picture file (APPLAUSE)
PA1 Worktable (PageAhead)
PAB Personal Address Book (Microsoft)
PAC Package file (Sound Blaster Studio II)
PAC Image (Stad)
PAD Keypad definition (Telemate)
PAK Compressed archive (PAK)
PAK WAD file (Quake)
PAL A compressed file (Generic)
PAL Color palette (Microsoft )
PAN Printer specific file (CorelDRAW)
PAQ Password encrypted zip file (Hewlett-Packard)
PAR Parts application (Digitalk PARTS)
PAR Parameter file (Fractint)
PAR Permanent output file (Microsoft Windows 3.x)
PAS Source code file (Borland Pascal)
PAT Hatch pattern file (DataCAD)
PAT Pattern file (CorelDRAW)
PAT Patch file (Advanced Gravis Ultrasound/Forte Technologies)
PAT exePatch utility used for Warcraft2 (WarHack)
PB Fax (FAXability Plus)
PB Phone book (WinFax Pro)
PB Setup file (PixBase)
PB1 Document (First Publisher for Windows)
PBA Source code file (Powerbasic BASIC) (Genus)
PBD Phone book (FaxNOW!-Faxit)
PBD Dynamic library, an alternative to a native DLL (PowerBuilder)
PBF Turtle Beach Pinnacle Bank File
PBI Include file (PowerBasic) (Genus)
PBI Profiler binary input file (Microsoft Source Profiler)
PBK Microsoft Phonebook
PBL Library file used in a development environment (PowerBuilder)
PBL PowerBasic library (Genus)
PBM Portable bitmap graphic
PBM Planar bitmap graphic (XLib)
PBO Profiler binary output (Microsoft Source Profiler)
PBR Resource file (PowerBuilder)
PBT Profiler binary table (Microsoft Source Profiler)
PC Text file (IBM)
PC3 Custom palette (Harvard Graphics 3.0)
PC8 Ascii text IBM8 character set (NewWave Write)
PCB Application data file (Microsoft Powerpoint)
PCC Cutout picture vector graphics (PC Paintbrush)
PCD Image (Kodak Photo-CD)
PCD P-Code compiled test scripts as in Microsoft Test and Microsoft Visual Test
PCE Maps Eudora mailbox names to DOS filenames
PCF Profiler command file (Microsoft Source Profiler)
PCH Patch file (Generic)
PCH Precompiled header file (Microsoft C/C++)
PCI PCI Miniport file (Microsoft Windows System file)
PCJ Multimedia authoring tool graphics (IBM Linkaway-Live)
PCK Pickfile (Turbo Pascal)
PCL Printer Control Language file (printer-ready bitmap) (Hewlett-Packard)
PCM Audio file
PCM PCM file (OKI MSM6376 Sythesizer Chip)
PCP Live Update Pro file (Symantec)
PCS Animation (PICS)
PCS Picture storage file (Microsoft)
PCT PICT drawing (Macintosh)
PCW Text file (PC Write)
PCX PC Paintbrush bitmap (ZSoft)
PDA Bitmap graphics
PDB Data file (TACT)
PDB Physical model backup file (PowerDesigner)
PDB Database file (3Com PalmPilot)
PDD Graphic image that can be opened with Paint Shop Pro and Adobe PhotoDeluxe

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