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M Program file (Matlab)
M Macro module (Brief)
M Standard package (Mathematica)
M11 Text file (MASS11)
M1V MPEG-related file (MIME type 'mpeg')
M3 source code file (Modula 3)
M3D 3D animation (Corel Motion)
M3U MPEG URL (MIME audio file) (MP3 Playlist)
M4 M4 Preprocessor file (Unix)
M_U Hard Drive Boot sector backup (MazeGold)
MA3 Macro (Harvard Graphics 3.0)
MAC Image (MacPaint)
MAC Macro (Generic)
MAD Module (Microsoft Access)
MAF Form (Microsoft Access)
MAG A graphics format found in some Japanese files
MAG MAG graphics format created by Woody Lynn (MPS Magro Paint System)
MAGIC Configuration file (Magic Mail Monitor)
MAI Mail (VAX)
MAK Project (Visual Basic or Microsoft C++)
MAK Makefile (Generic)
MAM Macro (Microsoft Access)
MAN Manual page output (Unix)
MAN Command module (Unix)
MAP Map file (Generic)
MAP WAD game file (Duke Nukem 3D)
MAP Color pallette (Generic)
MAP Format data (Micrografx Picture Publisher)
MAP Linker map file
MAP Map file used for color choices (Pro/Engineer)
MAP Map file (Atlas MapMaker)
MAP Network map (AccView)
MAQ Query (Microsoft Access)
MAR Report (Microsoft Access)
MAR Assembly program (VAX Macro)
MAS Graphics file (Lotus Freelance Smartmaster)
MAT Binary file (Matlab)
MAT Table (Microsoft Access)
MAUD Sample format (Maud)
MAX 3D scene (Kinetix 3D Studio Max)
MAX Document (Paperport)
MAX Layout file (OrCad)
MAX Source code (MAX)
MAZ Maze data file (Hover)
MAZ A format use by Division's dVS/dVISE
MB Memo field values for database (Paradox)
MB1 Data file (Apogee Monster Bash)
MBK Multiple index archive (dBase IV)
MBOX Mailbox file (Berkeley Unix)
MBX Extension Microsoft Outlook adds to saved email, Eudora mailboxes
MCC Calling card (Dialer10)
MCC Configuration file (MathCad)
MCD Document (MathCad)
MCF Font file (MathCad)
MCF Magic control file
MCI Command script (Media Control Interface)
MCP Project file (Metrowerks CodeWarrior)
MCP Application script (Capsule)
MCP Printer driver (MathCad)
MCR Keyboard macro file (DataCad)
MCW Document (Microsoft Word for Macintosh)
MCW Text document (MacWrite II)
MD Compressed archive (MDCD)
MDA Add-in file (Microsoft Access)
MDA Workgroup (Microsoft Access version 2)
MDB Database (Microsoft Access)
MDE MDE file (Microsoft Access)
MDL Spreadsheet (CA-Compete!)
MDL Music module (MOD) (Digital Trakker)
MDL Model (3D Design Plus)
MDL Model file (Quake)
MDL Model file element (Rational Rose)
MDM Modem definition (Telix)
MDN Blank database template (Microsoft Access)
MDT Data table (Microsoft ILink incremental linker)
MDT Add-in file (Data) (Microsoft Access)
MDW Workgroup (Microsoft Access)
MDX Multiple index file (dBase IV)
MDZ Wizard template (Microsoft Access)
ME ASCII text document (Generic)
MEB Macro editor bottom overflow library (WordPerfect for Windows)
MED Music module (MOD) (OctaMed Music Editor)
MED Macro editor delete save file (WordPerfect for Windows)
MEM Macro editor macro (WordPerfect for Windows)
MEM Memory variable save file (Clipper)
MEM Memory variable save file (dBase IV)
MEM Memory variable save file (Microsoft FoxPro)
MEQ Macro editor print queue file (WordPerfect for Windows Library)
MER Format for interchanging spreadsheet/database data; recognized by Filemaker, Excel, and others
MER Macro editor resident area (WordPerfect for Windows Library)
MES Macro editor workspace file (WordPerfect for Windows)
MES Message file (Generic)
MET Presentation Manager metafile
MET Macro editor top overflow file (WordPerfect for Windows Library)
MET Document file (OmniPage Pro)
MEU Menu group (DOS Shell)
MEX Executable command (Matlab)
MEX Macro editor expound file (WordPerfect for Windows)
MF Metafont text file
MFG Manufacturing file (Pro/ENGINEER)
MGF Font file (MicroGrafx)
MGF A file in a Materials and Geometry Format
MHT MHTML document (Microsoft)
MHTM MHTML document (MIME)
MI Data file (Cocreate ME10)
MI Miscellaneous file (Generic)
MIC Image Composer file (Microsoft)
MID MIDI music
MIF Interchange format (Adobe FrameMaker)
MIFF Machine Independent File (Generic)
MII Datafile (MicroStat-II)
MIM A multipart file in the Multi-Purpose Internet Mail Extensions (MIME) format; often created as the result of sending e-mail with attachments in AOL. The files in a multipart MIM file can be "opened" (unarchived and separated into individual files) using Winzip or a similar program.
MIX Object file (Power C)
MIX Picture file (Microsoft PhotoDraw 2000)
MIX Picture file (Microsoft Picture-It!)
MIX Package file (Command & Conquer)
MIX Resource archive (Westwood Studios)
MJF Audio file similar to MP3 (Mjuice) (Opens with WinAmp)
MK Makefile (Generic)
MKE Makefile (Microsoft Windows SDK)
MKI Graphic Image (MagView 5.0) (Japanese)
MKS Datafile (TACT)
ML3 Project file (Milestones 3.x)
MLB Macro library (Symphony)
MLI A file in 3D Studio's Material-Library format
MLID Muliple link interface driver file (Generic)
MLM Groupwise email file (Novell Groupwise)
MM Text file (MultiMate Advantage II)
MMC Catalog file (Microsoft Clip Gallery 5.x)
MMF Mail message file (Microsoft Mail)
MME A multipart file in the Multi-Purpose Internet Mail Extensions (MIME) format; often created as the result of sending e-mail with attachments in AOL. The files in a multipart MME file can be "opened" (unarchived and separated into individual files) using Winzip or a similar program.
MMF Meal Master Format, a recipe catologing format
MMF Mail file (Microsoft)
MMG Beyond 20/20 table or aggregate data file
MML Bulk mail file (Created by MyMailList)
MMM Multimedia movie (Microsoft)
MMM Multimedia movie (MacroMind Director 3.x)
MMO Memo Writer file (RapidFile)
MMP MindManager file (MindMapor)
MMP Output video (Bravado)
MN2 Mission file (Descent2)
MN3 Mission file (Descent3)
MND Menu source (AutoCAD Menu Compiler)
MND, MNI Mandelbrot for Windows
MNG Map (DeLorme Map'n'Go)
MNG Multi-image Network Graphics
MNT Menu file (Microsoft FoxPro)
MNU Menu file (Visual dBase)
MNU Advanced macro (HP NewWave)
MNU Interact menu (Intertal Systems)
MNU Menu (AutoCAD Menu Compiler)
MNU Menu (Norton Commander)
MNX Menu (Microsoft FoxPro)
MNX Compiled menu (AutoCAD)
MNY Account book (Microsoft Money)
MOB Device definition (PEN for Windows)
MOD FastTracker, StarTrekker, Noise Tracker (etc.) music module file
MOD Spreadsheet (Microsoft Multiplan)
MOD Modula-2 source code file (Clarion Modula-2)
MOD Kernel module (Microsoft Windows 9.x)
MOD Amiga/PC tracker module
MON Monitor description (ReadMail)
MOV Movie (QuickTime for Microsoft Windows)
MOV Movie (AutoCAD/AutoFlix)
MOZ Zipped (Compressed) mod file
MP2 MPEG Audio Layer 2
MP3 MPEG Audio Layer 3 (AC3)
MPA MPEG-related file (MIME type 'mpeg')
MPC Calendar file (Microsoft Project)
MPD Database file (Microsoft Project)
MPE MPEG animation
MPEG MPEG animation
MPG MPEG animation
MPM Mathplan Macro library (WordPerfect for Windows)
MPP Project file (Microsoft Project)
MPP Drawing file (CAD)
MPR Menus (compiled) (Microsoft FoxPro)
MPT Bitmap graphics (Multipage TIFF)
MPV View file (Microsoft Project)
MPX Compiled menu program (Microsoft FoxPro)
MPX Exchange file (Microsoft Project) used for exporting data
MP2 MPEG Audio Layer 2 file (MIME video file)
MP3 MPEG Audio Layer 3 (AC3) file
MRB Multiple resolution bitmap graphics (Microsoft C/C++)
MRS Macro resource file (WordPerfect for Windows)
MSA Archive (Magic Shadow)
MSC Makefile (Microsoft C)
MSC Common console document (Microsoft Windows 2000)
MSD Diagnostics report file (Microsoft MSD) (Diagnostics)
MSDL Scene Description Language (Manchester)
MSG Mail message (Microsoft)
MSI Installer package (Microsoft Windows)
MSN Network document (Microsoft )
MSN Mission File (Descent)
MSP Paint bitmap (Microsoft)
MSP Windows Installer patch file
MSS Manuscript text file (Perfect Writer)
MSS Manuscript text file (Scribble)
MSS Manuscript text file (MINCE)
MSS Manuscript text file (Jove)
MST Windows Installer transform
MST Minispecification file (Prosa)
MST Setup script (Microsoft SDK)
MSW Text file (Microsoft Word)
MSX Compressed CP/M archive (MSX)
MTH Math file (Derive)
MTM Music module (MOD) (Multitracker)
MTW Datafile (Minitab)
MTX Twain device driver (32 bit)(UMax)
MU Menu (Quattro Pro)
MUL Online game called Ultima online
MUS Music (Generic)
MUS Interactive music audio data file (Electronic Arts)
MUS Music (MusicTime)
MUS10 Audio (Mus10)
MV Server-side script file (Miva)
MVA Video accelerator file (Matrox)
MVB Multimedia Viewer file (Microsoft )
MVC Image file (Sony Digital Mavica)
MVE Interplay video file (Descent2, Fallout2)
MVF Stop frame file (AutoCAD-AutoFlix)
MVI Movie command file (AutoCAD-AutoFlix)
MVW Log file (Saber LAN)
MWF Animation (ProMotion)
MWP Smartmaster file (Lotus WordPro 97)
MXD Map file (ArcInfo)
MXT Datafile (Microsoft C)
MYP Presentation file (Make Your Point)

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