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L Source code (Lex)
L Source code (Lisp)
L Linker directive file (WATCOM wlink)
LAB Datafile (NCSS-SOLO)
LAB Label file (Visual dBase)
LAB Mailing labels (Microsoft Excel)
LAN Loadable module (LAN DLL) (NetWare)
LAY Word Chart layout (APPLAUSE)
LAY Clipart file (Printmaster Gold)
LBG Label generator data (dBase IV)
LBL Label (dBase IV)
LBL Label (Clipper 5)
LBL Label (dBFast)
LBM Bitmap (DeluxePaint)
LBM Linear Bitmap graphics (XLib)
LBO Compiled label (dBase IV)
LBR Compressed archive (LU)
LBR Display driver (Lotus 1-2-3)
LBT Labels (Microsoft FoxPro)
LBX Labels (Microsoft FoxPro)
LCF Linker control file (Norton Guides compiler)
LCH Used in a program (unknown) that monitors a network's response time
LCK Lockfile (Paradox)
LCL Datafile (FTP)
LCN Lection document (WordPerfect for Windows)
LCS Data History file (ACT!)
LCW Spreadsheet (Lucid 3-D)
LD Long distance area codes file (Telix)
LD1 Overlay file (dBase)
LDB Lock file (Microsoft Access)
LDF Library definition file (Geoworks Glue)
LDIF Structured text file used for sharing information between E-Mail clients (Microsoft, Netscape and others)
LDL Library (Corel Paradox)
LEG Legacy document
LES System game profiles (same as REG file) (Logitec Entertainment)
LEV Level file (NetHack 3.x)
LEX Dictionary file (Generic)
LFD Data resource file (LucasArts Dark Forces)
LFP LaserForms Plus file (Evergreen)
LFT Loft file (3-D Studios) (DOS)
LFT Laser printer font (ChiWriter)
LG Logo procedure definition (LSRHS Logo)
LGC Application log file
LGD Application log file
LGO Logo file (PaintBrush)
LGO Header and footer logo (SuperFax)
LGO Startup logo (Microsoft Windows 3.x-9.x)
LHA Alternate file suffix for LZH
LHA Compressed Archive (LHA/LHARC)
LHW Compressed Amiga archive (LHWARP)
LIB Library file (Generic)
LIF Logical Interchange data (Hewlett-Packard)
LIF Compressed archive (Generic)
LIM Compressed archive (LIMIT)
LIN Line type file (DataCad)
LIN Interactive music sequencing data file (Electronic Arts)
LIS Output file produced by a Structured Query Reporting (SQR) program
LIS Listing (VAX)
LIX Logos library system file
LJ Text file (Hewlett-Packard LaseJet II printer)
LK Database file (OpenSight-16 bit)
LKO Linked object (Microsoft Outlook Express Junkmail file)
LL3 Document file (LapLink III)
LLX Exchange agent (Laplink)
LNK Shortcut file (Microsoft Windows 9.x)
LNK Linker response file (RTLink)
LNK Datafile (Revelation)
LOD Load file (Generic)
LOG Log file (Generic)
LOK Compressed file (FileWrangler)
LP A document reader used for downloading mortgage closing information (DesertDocs)
LPC Printer driver (TEKO)
LPD Helix Nuts and Bolts file
LPI Information file for laser printers (common with some scanning sofware)
LRC Video phone file (Intel)
LRF Linker response file (Microsoft C/C++)
LRS Language resource file (WordPerfect for Windows)
LSF Logos library system file
LSL Saved library (Corel Paradox)
LSL Script library (Lotus)
LSP AutoLISP, CommonLISP, and other LISP language files
LSS Spreadsheet (Legato)
LST List file (Generic)
LST Keyboard macro (1st Reader)
LST Spool file (Oracle)
LTM Form (Lotus Forms)
LU Library unit file (ThoughtWing)
LVL Miner Descent/D2 Level extension (Parallax Software)
LWD Text document (LotusWorks)
LWF Wavelet graphics file (Luratech)
LWLO Layered Object file (Lightwave)
LWOB Object file (Lightwave)
LWP Wordpro 96/97 file (Lotus)
LWSC Scene file (Lightwave)
LWZ Linguistically enhanced sound file (Microsoft)
LYR Layer file (DataCAD)
LZD Difference file for binaries (Ldiff 1.20)
LZH Compressed archive (LH ARC)
LZS Compressed archive (LARC)
LZS Data file (Skyroads)
LZW Compressed Amiga archive (LHWARP)
LZX Compressed archive (Generic)

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