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I Intermediate file (Borland C++)
IAN Text file (Sterling Software) (Groundworks COOL Business Team Model)
IAX Bitmap (IBM Image Acess eXecutive)
IBM Compressed archive (ARCHDOS, IBM Internal only)
ICA Citrix file
ICA Bitmap graphic (Image Object Content Architecture)
ICB Targa bitmap
ICC Printer file (Kodak)
ICC Catalog file (IronClad)
ICD Drawing file (IronClad)
ICL Icon Library (Generic industry standard)
ICM Image Color Matching profile
ICN Icon source code
ICO Icon (Microsoft Windows 3.x)
ICS Scene file (IronClad)
ID Disk identification file (Generic)
IDB Intermediate file (Microsoft Developer)
IDD MIDI Instrument Definition
IDE Project file (Borland C++ v4.5)
IDF MIDI Instrument Definition (Windows 95 required file)
IDIF Identification file (Netscape saved address book)
IDQ Data Query (Internet)
IDW Vector graphic (IntelliDraw)
IDX Relational database index (Microsoft FoxPro)
IDX Relational database index (Symantec Q&A)
IDX Microsoft Outlook Express file
IDX Index file (Microsoft Clip Gallery v. 1.x)
IDX Index file (Pro/Engineer)
IFD Form (JetForm Design)
IFF Interchange file, (general purpose data storage format))
IFF Image (Sun TAAC/SDSC Image Tool)
IFO Digital Video Disk (DVD) datafile
IFO Graphic object layer data (ImageForge Pro)
IFP Script file (KnowledgeMan)
IFS Compressed fractal image (Yuvpak)
IFS System file (OS/2)
IFS Create executable library (ImageForge/ImageForge Pro)
IGES Initial Graphics Exchange Specification (Generic)
IGF Metafile (Inset Systems)
IIF Interchange file (QuickBooks for Windows)
IIM Music module
ILB Datafile (Scream Tracker)
ILBM Bitmap (graphic image)
ILK Program outline (Microsoft ILink incremental linker)
IM8 Raster graphic (Sun Microsystems)
IMA Image (WinImage)
IMA Vector graphic (EGO,Chart)
IMF MIDI music file (Corridor 7, Blake Stone, Wolfenstein 3D, Spear of Destiny)
IMG Image (GEM)
IMG Bitmap graphic (Ventura Publisher)
IMP Spreadsheet (Lotus Improv)
IMQ Image presentation (ImageQ)
IMS Create executable library data (IconForge)
IN$ Installation file (HP NewWave)
IN3 Input device driver (Harvard Graphics v3.0)
INB Test script (Vermont High Test)
INC Include file (Assembler language or Active Server)
IND Index (dBase IV)
IND Shared Database file (Specifically in Microsoft Windows)
INF Information file (Generic)
INF Type I LaserJet font information file
INF Install script (Generic)
INI Initialization file (Generic)
INI Setup file (MWave DSP synth's mwsynth.ini GM)
INI Bank setup file (Gravis UltraSound)
INK Pantone reference fills file (CorelDRAW)
INL Inline function file (Microsoft Visual C++)
INP Source code for form, (Oracle,version 3.0 and earlier)
INRS INRS-Telecommunications audio
INS Install script (InstallShield)
INS Sign-up file (X-Internet)
INS Instrument file (Ensoniq EPS Family)
INS Sample (Cell/II MAC/PC instruments)
INS Datafile (WordPerfect for Windows)
INS Installation script (1st Reader)
INS Instrument music file (Adlib)
INT Intermediate executable code (Produced when a source program is syntax-checked)
INT Interfaced units (Borland)
INX Index file (Foxbase)
IO Compressed archive (CPIO)
IOB 3D graphics database (TDDD format)
IOC Organizational chart (Instant ORGcharting!)
IOF Findit document (Microsoft Findit)
ION File description (4dos descript.ion)
IPL Pantone Spot reference pallette (CorelDRAW)
IPS International patching system binary patch file
IQY Internet inquiry (Microsoft)
ISO Lists the files on a CD-ROM; based on the ISO 9660 CD-ROM file system standard
IRS Resource file (WordPerfect for Windows)
ISD Spell checker dictionary (RapidFile)
ISH Compressed archive (ISH)
ISO ISO (International Standards Organization table, aka: ISO)
ISP Sign-up file(X-Internet)
IST Instrument file (Digitaltracker)
ISU Uninstall script (InstallShield)
IT Settings file (intalk)
ITF Interface file (JPI Pascal TopSpeed)
IT Music module (MOD) (Impulse Tracker)
ITI Instrument file (Impulse Tracker)
ITS Sample file (Impulse Tracker)
ITS Internet document set (possibly a Microsoft file)
IV Open Inventor file
IVD Microdata dimension or variable-level file (Beyond 20/20)
IVP User subset profile (Beyond 20/20)
IVT Table or aggregate data (Beyond 20/20)
IVX Microdata directory (Beyond 20/20)
IW Screensaver (Idlewild)
IW Presentation flowchart (IconAuthor-HSC Interactive)
IWA Text file (IBM Writing Assistant)
IWC Install Watch document
IWM Start file (IconAuthor)
IWP Text file (Wang)
IZT Binary token file (IZT)

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