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H Program header (C)
HA Compressed archive (HA)
HAM Driver file (Novell Netware)
HAM Vector graphics saved file (Amiga)
HAP Compressed archive (HA)
HBK Handbook (MathCad)
HBK Accounting data file (Humanic Software)
HCM Configuration file (IBM HCM)
HCOM Sound Tools file (HCOM)
HCR Production configuration file (IBM HCD/HCM)
HDF National Center for Supercomputing Applications (NCSA) Geospatial Hierarchical Data
HDF Help file (Help development kit)
HDL Alternate download listing (ProComm Plus)
HDR Database header (Pc-File+)
HDR Datafile (Egret)
HDR Message header text (ProComm Plus)
HDR Message header text (1st Reader)
HDW Vector graphics (Harvard Draw)
HDX Help index (AutoCAD)
HDX Help index (Zortech C++)
HED Document (HighEdit)
HEL Hellbender saved game (Microsoft)
HEX Macintosh BinHex 2.0 file
HFI HP font info (GEM)
HGL Drawing file (HP Graphics Language)
HH Help system map (Generic)
HH Header file (C++)
HHH Precompiled header (Power C)
HHP Help information for remote users (ProComm Plus)
HIT Audio file (HitPlayer)
HLB Help library (VAX)
HLP Help file (Generic)
HLP Windows Help file (DataCAD)
HMI Human machine interfaces MIDI music file (Descent)
HMM Alternate mail read option menu (ProComm Plus)
HMP Human machine interfaces MIDI music file (Descent)
HNC Program files (CNC)
HOG Lucas Arts Dark Forces WAD file
HOG Mission file (Descent 1-2)
HOG Main data package file (Descent3)
HOT Document file (HotSend)
HP8 Ascii text Roman8 character set (NewWave Write)
HPC Font language file (Hewlett-Packard)
HPF HP LaserJet font (Adobe Pagemaker)
HPF Partial download file (HotLine)
HPG HPGL Plotter vector graphics (AutoCAD)
HPG HPGL Plotter vector graphics (Harvard Graphics)
HPI Font information (GEM)
HPJ Help Project file (Visual Basic)
HPK Compressed archive (HPACK)
HPM Emm text (HP NewWave)
HPM Alternative menu for privileged users (ProComm Plus)
HPP Program header (C++)
HPP Header file (Zortech C++)
HQX BinHex (Macintosh 4.0)
HRF Rastor graphic (Hitachi)
HRM Alternate menu for limited users (ProComm Plus)
HS2 Monochrome image (Postering)
HSC FM synthesized music file (Used by many old games, e.g.:FINTRIS, ROL)
HSI Graphic (Handmade Software, Inc.)
HST History file (Generic)
HST History file (ProComm Plus)
HT HyperTerminal file
HTA A HTML file that has been used to by viruses to update the system registry
HTM A Web page (a file containing Hypertext Markup Language - HTML - markup)
HTML A Web page (a file containing Hypertext Markup Language - HTML - markup)
HTT Hypertext template (Microsoft)
HTX Template (Extended HTML)
HWD Presentation (Hollywood)
HWP Korean word processor document format (HanGul)
HXM HAM extension (Descent2)
HXM Alternate protocal selection menu (ProComm Plus)
HXX Header file (C++)
HY1 Hyphenation algorythm (Ventura Publisher)
HY2 Hyphenation algorythm (Ventura Publisher)
HYC Datafile (WordPerfect for Windows)
HYD Hyphenation dictionary (WordPerfect for Windows)
HYM 3D Image binary file (Hymarc Scandata Scanner)
HYP Compressed archive (HYPER)
H! On-line Help (Flambeaux Help!)
H++ Header file (C++)
H-- Header file (Sphinx C--)

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