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G Data chart (APPLAUSE)
GAL Album (Corel Multimedia Manager)
GAM Fax document (GammaFax)
GB Emulator ROM image file (Nintendo GameBoy)
GBC Color emulator ROM image file (Nintendo GameBoy)
GBL Global definitions (VAXTPU Editor)
GC1 Lisp source code (Golden Common Lisp 1.1)
GC3 Lisp source code (Golden Common Lisp 1.1)
GCD Generic (TM) CADD drawing (later versions)
GCP Image processing file (Ground Control Point)
GDB Database file (InterBase)
GDF Dictionary file (GEOS)
GDM Bells, whistles, and sound boards module
GED Genealogical data (GEDCOM)
GED Graphic Environment Document (drawing)
GED Graphics editor native format (Arts & Letters)
GED Graphics editor file (EnerGraphics)
GEM Metafile (GEM)
GEM Vector graphics (Ventura Publisher)
GEN Generated text (Ventura Publisher)
GEN Compiled template (dBase Application Generator)
GEO Geode (Geoworks)
GetRight Unfinished-Download (GetRight)
GFB Compressed gif image (GIFBLAST)
GFC Patton&Patton Flowcharting 4 flowchart
GFI Graphics Link presentation (Genigraphics)
GFT Font (NeoPaint)
GFX Genigraphics Graphics Link presentation
GIB Chart (Graph-in-the-Box)
GID Windows 95 global index (containing help status)
GIF Bitmap (CompuServe)
GIM Graphics Link presentation (Genigraphics)
GIW Presentation (Graph-in-the-Box for Windows)
GIX Graphics Link presentation (Genigraphics)
GKH Ensoniq EPS family disk image
GKS GripKey document (Gravis)
GL Animation file (GRASP graphical System for Presentation)
GLM Datafile (Glim)
GLS Datafile (Across)
GLY Glossary (Microsoft Word)
GMP Tile map (Geomorph) (SPX)
GMR Graphical monitor record (Schlafhorst Automation)
GNA Graphics Link presentation (Genigraphics)
GNO Genealogy document file (Genopro)
GNT Generated executable code (Micro Focus)
GNX Graphics Link presentation (Genigraphics)
GOC Goc sorce code (Geoworks)
GOH Goc header (Geoworks)
GP Geode parameter file (Geoworks Glue)
GPH Graph (Lotus 1-2-3/G)
GPK Program package (Omnigo)
GPP Graph paper application file (GraphPap) (Generates graph paper)
GR2 Screen driver (Microsoft Windows 3.x)
GRA Graph (Microsoft)
GRA Datafile (SigmaPlot)
GRB Shell Monitor (MS-DOS v5.0)
GRD Image processing grid (CHIPS)
GRF Grapher (Golden Software) graph
GRF Graph (Charisma Graph Plus)
GRP Program Manager Group (Microsoft)
GRP Pictures group (PixBase)
GRY Raw graphic (GREY)
GS1 Presentation (GraphShow)
GSD Vector graphic (Professional Draw)
GSM Audio stream Raw GSM (6.10 audio stream)
GSM Audio stream Raw 'byte aligned (GSM 6.10 audio stream)
GSM GSM w.o. header/VoiceGuide/RapidComm file (US Robotics voice modems)
GSM GSM w. header/QuickLink file (US Robotics voice modems)
GSP Sketch pad file (GeoMeter Sketch Pad)
GSP Zip file (Gnuzip) (Allows for output to html)
GSW Worksheet (GraphShow)
GTK Music module (Graoumftracker) (old) (MOD)
GT2 Music module (Graoumftracker) (new) (MOD)
GUP Data (PopMail)
GWP Greetings WorkShop file
GWX Graphics Link presentation (Genigraphics)
GWZ Graphics Link presentation (Genigraphics)
GXL Graphics library (Genus)
GZ Compressed file (Unix gzip)
G721 Raw CCITT G.721 //$bit ADPCM data
G723 Raw CCITT G.723 3 or 5bit ADPCM data
G8 Raw Graphics (one byte per pixel) Plane III (PicLab)

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