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FP1 "Flying Pigs" screensaver datafile (Microsoft Windows 9.x)
FP3 FileMaker Pro v.3 & 4 document file
FP5 Document file (FileMaker Pro v.5)
FPC Catalog file (FoxPro)
FPT FileMaker Pro file
FPT Memo fields (Microsoft FoxPro)
FPW Floorplan drawing (FloorPlan Plus for Windows)
FPX Bitmap (FlashPix)
FR3 Renamed dBaseIII+ form (dBase IV)
FRF Font (FontMonger)
FRG Uncompiled report (dBase IV)
FRK Zip (compressed ) file (Macintosh)
FRM Form (Generic)
FRM Document (FrameMaker or FrameBuilder)
FRM Executable file (Oracle,v3.0 and earlier)
FRM Form (Visual Basic)
FRM Merge form (WordPerfect for Windows)
FRM Symbol Report (DataCAD)
FRO Compiled report (dBase IV)
FRP Form (PerForm PRO Plus)
FRS Screen Font Resource (WordPerfect for Windows)
FRT Report menu (FoxPro)
FRX Form stash file (Visual Basic)
FRX Report (Microsoft FoxPro)
FSF fPrint Audit Tool
FSL Paradox 7 form (Borderland)
FSL Form (Paradox for Windows)
FSL Saved form (Corel Paradox)
FSM Sample file (Farandoyle)
FST Linkable program (dBFast)
FSX Data (Lotus 1-2-3)
FT Full text index (Lotus Notes)
FTB Index file (Roots3)
FTF Client access data specification file (AS/400) (Client to Server)
FTG Help system full-text search group file (Microsoft Windows)
FTM Font (MicroGrafx)
FTP File transfer protocol (Internet Generic)
FTS Help system full-text search index (Windows)
FTW Document file (Family Tree Maker)
FW Database (Framework II)
FW2 Database (Framework II)
FW3 Database (Framework III)
FW4 Database (Framework IV)
FWB Data file backup for file splitting configuration (FileWrangler)
FWS Data file for file splitting configuration (FileWrangler)
FX On-Line guide (FastLynx)
FXD Phonebook (FAXit)
FXP Compiled source code (FoxPro)
FXS Fax Transmit graphic (WinFax)
FZB Bank dump file (Casio FZ-1)
FZF Full dump file (Casio FZ-1)
FZV Voice dump file (Casio FZ-1)
F01 Fax document (Perfect Fax)
F06 Dos screen text font (height= 6 pixels)
F07 Dos screen text font (height= 7 pixels)
F08 Dos screen text font (height= 8 pixels)
F09 Dos screen text font (height= 9 pixels)
F10 Dos screen text font (height= 10 pixels)
F11 Dos screen text font (height= 11 pixels)
F12 Dos screen text font (height= 12 pixels)
F13 Dos screen text font (height= 13 pixels)
F14 Dos screen text font (height= 14 pixels)
F15 Dos screen text font (height= 15 pixels)
F16 Dos screen text font (height= 16 pixels)
F2R Linear music module (Farandole)
F3R Blocked music module (Farandole)
F77 Source code file (FORTRAN 77)
F90 FORTRAN file
F96 Fax document (Frecom FAX96)

Letter F (Page 1, Page 2, Page 3)

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