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F Compressed file archive (FREEZE)
FAC Face graphic
FAQ Frequently Asked Questions document
FAR Music module (MOD) (Farandole Composer)
FAS Basic module file (3-D Fassade Plus)
FAV Navigation bar (Microsoft Outlook)
FAX FAX Type image
FBK Backup (Navison Financials)
FC Spell Check dictionary file (Harvard Graphics)
FCD Virtual CD-ROM file
FCM Binary file patch (Forward Compression)
FD Declaration file (FORTRAN)
FD Field offsets for compiler (DataFlex)
FDB Database (Navison Financials)
FDF Forms Document (Adobe Acrobat)
FDW Document form (F3 Design and Mapping)
FEB Button Bar for Figure Editor (WordPerfect for Windows)
FEM CADRE Finite Element Mesh
FF Outline Font description (AGFA CompuGraphics)
FFA MS find fast file
FFF Fax document (defFax)
FFF GUS PnP bank file
FFL MS fast find file
FFL Image file (PrintMaster Gold)
FFO MS fast find file
FFT Final Form Text (part of IBM's DCA)
FFX MS fast find file
FH3 Aldus Freehand 3 drawing (Vector graphic)
FH4 Aldus Freehand 4 drawing (Vector graphic)
FI File Interface (FORTRAN)
FIF Fractal Image
FIL File template (Application Generator)
FIL File List Object (dBase Application Generator)
FIL Overlay (WordPerfect for Windows)
FIN Print formatted text (Perfect Writer)
FIT Graphic (FITS)
FIT File index table (Microsoft Windows NT)
FITS CCD camera image
FITS Flexible Image Transport System file
FIX Patch file (Generic)
FKY Macro (Microsoft FoxPro)
FLA Movie (Macromedia Flash)
FLB Format library (Papyrus)
FLC FLIC animation (AutoDesk)
FLD File folder (Charisma)
FLD Field define module file (3-D Fassade Plus)
FLF Delived form (Corel Paradox)
FLF License (Navison Financials)
FLI FLIC animation (AutoDesk)
FLI Font library (EmTeX)
FLF Driver (OS/2)
FLL Distributable dynamic link library (DLL) (Microsoft Visual FoxPro)

Letter F (Page 1, Page 2, Page 3)

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