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Letter C (Page 1, Page 2, Page 3)

C C code
C Site configuration for Secure Remote (CheckPoint VPN)
CA Telnet Server Initial cache data file
CAB Microsoft cabinet file (program files compressed for software distribution)
CAC dBase IV Executable file
CAD Softdesk Drafix Cad file
CAG Catalog file (Microsoft Clip Gallery v. 2.x,3.x,4.x)
CAL CALS Compressed Bitmap
CAL SuperCalc 4/5 Spreadsheet
CAL Calendar schedule data file
CAM Casio camera file
CAN Navigator Fax
CAP Ventura Publisher Caption
CAP Compressed music file
CAP Telix Session Capture file
CAR AtHome assistant file
CAS Comma-delimited ASCII file
CAT Quicken IntelliCharge categorization file
CAT dBase Catalogue file
CB Microsoft clean boot file
CBC CubiCalc Fuzzy Logic System file
CBI Column binary file (used in IBM mainframe systems)
CBL Cobol Source code
CBM XLib Compiled Bitmap
CBT Generic Computer based training file
CC Visual dBASE custom class file
CC C++ Source code
CCA cc:mail archive file
CCB Visual Basic Animated Button configuration file
CCC Curtain Call Native bitmap graphic
CCE Data file (Calendar Creator Plus)
CCF Multimedia Viewer configuration file used in OS/2
CCF Symphony Communications Configuration file
CCH Corel Chart
CCL Intalk Communication Command Language
CCM Lotus CC:Mail "box" file (for example, INBOX.CCM)
CCO CyberChat data file
CCO XBTX Graphics
CCT Macromedia Director Shockwave cast file
CDA CD Audio Track
CDB Clipboard file
CDB CardScan Database (CardScan)
CDB TCU Turbo C Utilities Main database
CDB Conceptual model backup file (PowerDesigner)
CDF Netcdf Graphic file
CDF Microsoft Channel Definition Format
CDFS Compact Disk filing system (WindRiver)
CDI Phillips Compact Disk Interactive file
CDK Atari Calamus Document
CDM Conceptual model file (PowerDesigner)
CDM Visual dBASE custom data module
CDM Conceptual data model file (PowerDesigner Data Architect) (Sybase)
CDR Corel Draw Vector drawing file
CDR Raw Audio-CD data file
CDT Corel Draw template
CDT CorelDraw Data file
CDX Corel Draw compressed drawing
CDX Microsoft's Visual Foxpro index
CE The FarSide Computer Calendar Main CE file
CEG Tempra Show Bitmap graphic
CEL CIMFast Event Language file
CEL AutoDesk Animator Cel Image
CER Certificate file (MIME x-x509-ca-cert)
CF Imake Configurtion file
CFB Comptons Multimedia file
CFG Configuration file
CFL CorelFLOW Chart
CFM ColdFusion template
CFM Visual dBASE Windows customer form
CFM Corel FontMaster file
CFN Atari Calamus Font data file
CFO TCU Turbo C Utilities C form object
CFP The Complete Fax Portable fax file
CGA Ventura Publisher Display font file
CGI Common gateway interface script
CGM Computer Graphic Metafile
CH OS/2 configuration file
CH Clipper 5 Header
CH3 Harvard Graphics 3.0 Chart
CH4 Charisma 4.0 Presentation
CHD FontChameleon Font descriptor
CHF pcAnywhere remote control file
CHI ChiWriter Document
CHK File fragments saved by Windows Disk Defragmenter or ScanDisk
CHK WordPerfect for Windows Temporary file
CHL Configuration History Log
CHM Compiled HTML file
CHN Ethnograph Data file
CHP Ventura Publisher Chapter file
CHR Character Sets (Font file)
CHT ChartViewer file
CHT Harvard Graphics Vector file
CHT ChartMaster dBase Interface file
CIF CalTech Intermediate Graphic
CIF Easy CD Creator image
CIF pcAnywhere caller file
CIL Clip Gallery download package file
CIM Sim City 2000 file
CIN OS/2 change control file that tracks changes to an INI file
CIX TCU Turbo C Utilities Database Index
CKB Borland C++ Keyboard mapping file

Letter C (Page 1, Page 2, Page 3)

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