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AN Text file (Sterling Software) (Groundworks COOL Business Team Model)
ANC Canon Computer Pattern Maker file that is a selectable list of pattern colors
ANI Microsoft Windows Animated cursor
ANM DeluxPaint Animation
ANN Windows 3.x Help annotation
ANS ANSI Text file
ANT SimAnt for Windows saved game
AOS Nokia 9000 Add-on software
AOT Application binary object template file (ZenWorks snAPPshot)
AP Applix Presents file
AP WHAP Compressed Amiga archive
APC Compiled application file (Centura Team Developer)
APC Lotus 1-2-3 Printer driver
APD Dynamic application library file (Centura Team Developer)
APD Lotus1-2-3 Printer driver
APF Lotus1-2-3 Printer driver
APF Project file (Allaire) (Created by Homesite)
API Application Program Interface; used by Adobe Acrobat
API Lotus1-2-3 Printer driver
APL Application library file (Centura Team Developer)
APL APL Workspace file
APP Normal mode application file (Centura Team Developer)
APP Symphony Add-in Application
APP Generated application or active document (Microsoft Visual FoxPro)
APP dBase Application Generator Object
APP DR-DOS Executable Application
APP FoxPro Generated Application
APR ArcView project file
APR Employee Appraiser Performance Review file
APR LotusApproach 97 View file
APS Microsoft Visual C++ file
APS Advanced patching systems with error checking, (Similar to IPS)
APT Lotus Approach Data view file
APT Text mode application file (Centura Team Developer)
APX Lotus Approach Paradox-Specific information file
APX Borland C++ Appexpert database
AQ Applix data
ARC LH ARC (old version) compressed archive
ARC SQUASH Compressed archive
ARF Automatic Response file
ARI ARI Compressed archive
ARI Aristotle audio file

Letter A (Page 1, Page 2, Page 3)

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