Microsoft Windows Vista - Review

Have you been Vista'd?

For techies, this is not the review of Microsoft's Windows Vista operating system that you've been waiting for.  For the rest of us normal folks that have never used Vista but want to know if we should buy it, you will find some interesting information here.  

Microsoft Windows Vista is the new operating system (OS) that you've been seeing advertised, touted, and which it may seem that you don't have a choice but to own if you must buy a new computer.  

However, if you are under the impression that "new and improved" is supposed to be an improvement in over something old, then chances are that you are going to be disappointed in Microsoft's new product.  For those of us that got suckered into the thankfully long-since defunct Win ME, this should come as no shock that Microsoft would put out an inferior bug laden product.  

While Windows Vista OS is way ahead of ME, there's also much to remind you of why you didn't like your computer during those endless Win ME years.

Windows Vista Pros

Windows Vista Cons


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