Windows Vistas - Pros

Upsides to Windows Vista

Vista has some rather cool things to it.  Things like holding your mouse over a tab on the task bar will let you see a thumbnail image of what is on that page.  That's a neat feature for those of us with 10 different windows open simultaneously and helps to locate something you've misplaced on your overcrowded task bar. 

Vista also seems to load faster is less corny looking that the butterflies and rainbows of XP.  For those traditionalists that were nauseated going from the plain-jane Windows 98 to XP's land of My Little Pony and Rainbow Brite, you will be glad to know that they've toned Vista down a bit.  It's still a bit much for my purposes since I view the computer as a tool, not a decoration, but with a couple of minor changes, it's tolerable.   

Windows Vista doesn't get bogged down as easily as XP did, and that's a very good thing.  You know how your XP system would eventually just slow down to a crawl?  Well that was because XP just didn't unload old data very well.  You could close down all your operations, and let it rest for awhile or even reboot, but that was time consuming.  Windows Vista just doesn't seem to have those issues.  

The most attractive feature of Windows Vista is that it allows for much faster searches of your hard drive.  If you've ever gone to search for a file name and this gave you time to go make and drink a pot of coffee while you waited, then you will love this feature.  Windows Vista indexes your entire hard drive and comes up with answers quickly.

From a media standpoint, Microsoft seems to have added some nice features.  Take your pictures and add some music and you can come up with a very nice DVD production with little to no effort.  It's no Photodex, but for a freebie program, it's not so bad.

If Vista is sounding pretty good to you at the moment, just remember that you've only heard the good so far.  Be sure to check out the Cons as well.

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