Windows Vistas - Cons

Disappearing features

All I want to do is change my screen properties... so why can't I find Display in the Settings?  Answer, because it's not in Windows Vista.  Lots of other things seem to have also gone missing in Windows dream operating system.  Want to uninstall a program through Add/Remove Programs utility.  Guess again.  

It's not that these features aren't available... somewhere.  It's that in their infinite wisdom, Microsoft decided that we'd grown tired of being able to find things when we want them.  

If you hired a maid service to come in and clean your home and they would just move stuff around so that you couldn't find it without telling you, how long would they stay in your employ?  "Where's my toothbrush? Oh, so you decided it would work better if we now called it a dentifice and put it behind the bookcase in the family room - good thinking!"  Did Microsoft actually pay someone to come up with ideas where to hide it all?  

It's a good thing that Microsoft has included some pretty good help files, because I am betting you will use them a lot during your first day of setting up and configuring your computer.  Remember those days when you could just turn on your computer and start working?  

Vista doesn't play well

Disappearing features are not the only downside to Windows Vista.  Vista doesn't like to play well with others including other Microsoft products. Imagine loading up your favorite software only to find that when you run the Help files, you instead get a message from Microsoft about why it doesn't work.

This is happening to a lot of programs that have developed their applications using Microsoft's help file creation software.  

Microsoft no longer supports their own product here and you get a popup telling you that the software is outdated and blaming the developer of the software for not building it with Vista in mind.  

If you are like me, this will make you pretty angry.  First, after many years and broken promises as to when they would come out with the next upgrade above XP, it was not beyond reason to suggest that Vista might not roll out either.  What would make any software manufacturer decide they should rewrite all their software because Microsoft might deploy a new operating system someday?  

Second, why not build in the ability to be compatible with your own older products.  This is considered standard in the software development field. 

Granted, this probably isn't a huge problem for most people who are familiar with their old software and never have to access the Help files, but just knowing you can't is a bit disconcerting.  

Vista log jams

In our opinion, Vista seems to have some serious problems with stability.  We haven't seen any actual system crashes, but running programs doesn't always go as smoothly as you might think.  

Programs tend to crash a lot on Vista and for no particular reason that the user can see.  You just get a message telling you that your program has encountered a problem or has stopped operating and must close.  It almost makes it sound like the fault of the folks that wrote the program.  

In all fairness, it's not just other software that this happens to.  Microsoft's software also often fails while running on Vista including Internet Explorer and Microsoft Office.  

Vista then gives you a popup box telling you that Windows is looking for a solution with a nice little progress bar going across your screen.  Nobody seems to be able to tell you where it's looking or if it is really looking at all, but I tend to wonder what if anything it is telling Microsoft.  All things considered, chances are that the reason these programs crash isn't so much the software as it is that the software is running on Vista.   


Vista took an awful lot longer to come out than it should have, even according to Microsoft.  That makes one wonder how many problems they've had with it and whether they just decided they finally needed to get it deployed, come what may.  

In the end, Windows Vista has many good things going for it, but most are along the lines of bells and whistles.  

Yes, we like the faster startup and less bogging down, but wonder if this couldn't have just been fixed in XP.  

Vista will probably end up being a fairly decent operating system in a year when Microsoft finally manages to work the bugs out.  But in the meantime, Vista just reminds you of that time you bought the really fancy first year model car with all the buttons and cool gadgets, but then... well, you remember!  

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