Eight fun things to do online

by Kasey Chang

If you are new to the Internet and not really sure where to start, here are some things to try next time you go online... In no particular order...

Send an e-greeting card to someone

-- go to SeniorMag Healthy Cards or bluemountain.com and pick a free e-card for someone online you know... and send it via e-mail. Most include cute animations and music.

Look up your medication

-- go to webmd.com and enter the brand name or the generic name in the search box, and retrieve all the information you need to know, including dosage, interactions, how to take, etc., even similar medications

Look up your local weather

-- go to weather.com, wunderground.com, intellicast.com, etc. and type in your zip code in the search engine. This way, you won't be surprised by the weather any more.  For pollen counts, check out pollen.com

Check your local TV schedule

-- go to TVGuide.com, enter your ZIP code, then pick your system (regular braodcast, satellite, cable, etc.) and you will find EXACTLY what you'll see without your newspaper.

Join an e-mailing list

-- go to http://groups.yahoo.com/, and look for a group that matches your interests, and participate in the discussions via e-mail.

Read free books online

-- If you prefer classics, go to http://gutenberg.net/ , home of Project Gutenberg, where the classics are archived

-- If you want to see some newer works, try http://www.baen.com/library/, where you'll find some newer science fiction books for good reading

Find more news online

-- Try some of the biggest news sites, like Associated Press (ap.com), CNN (cnn.com), Fox News (foxnews.com), MSNBC (msnbc.com), or National Public Radio (npr.org)

Look at some movie previews/trailers

-- Go to IMDB.com, which is THE destination for all movie-related information of any age. Enter what you remember of the title, actress, or character, and it'll find something, even TV episodes and series.

You can even look up who and who appeared together in which movies.

Start an online journal

-- Go to blogger.com, and start a new free account at blogspot. Then you can update your entries as often as you like, and talk about anything you want.

Have fun out there, and I'll see you on the web.



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