Bookmarking favorite sites

By Kasey Chang

On any trip, you need a way to track where have you been. Such is true for your trip on the World Wide Web as well. Fortunately, there is away to "mark" your spot on the web, and even a tracking device that shows you exactly where you have been on the web, and those are all built into your web browser! 

Bookmarks / Favorites

Bookmarks and Favorites are the same: they refer to a way for you to "mark" a specific web page, so you can jump back to it directly. It was originally called a "bookmark" because it works the same way... Put a bookmark in a book, and you can instantly go back to the exact page you are on. On the web you deal with web pages, so the first browsers used the term "bookmarks". Then came Microsoft, who decided to rename it "favorites" for its own Internet Explorer.

Bookmarks and Favorites are the same. From now on, I'll just say "bookmark". Those of you using Internet Explorer can rest assured that I mean "favorites" as well.

So how do you set and use a bookmark? First, go to the web page you wish to bookmark. Then, in Netscape, you click on Bookmark, then select "Add Bookmark". Or in Internet Explorer, you click on Favorites, and select "Add Favorites".

An even simpler way is to press Control-D. That bookmarks the current page immediately. For those of you who are not used to hitting control keys, hold down the Control Key (sometimes marked Ctrl) like the way you hold down the "shift" key for capital letters, then press and release the D key, and release the control key.

Go ahead and try it on this web page. Press Ctrl-D, or use the menu. You may be prompted for a title of the bookmark. Just press enter and the browser will use the page's title as the bookmark title as well.

The Bookmarked page will appear in the list of your bookmarks when you click on the bookmarks menu.

Now go to some other web page, then choose your new bookmarked page from the bookmark menu. Voila! You're back to the bookmarked page!

Keep track of your favorite websites this way, so you can go back to them quickly instead of going through search engines and such.

Most browsers also allow you to organize your bookmarks into different categories. Pull down the "bookmark" menu (favorites menu on Internet Explorer) and you'll see "organize bookmarks". 

Select that, and you can create folders to categorize your bookmarks, like news, personal, legal, computer, health, and more. Then just drag your bookmarks into the appropriate folders, and you can access them easier.

If a particular bookmark is no longer important to you, go into "organize bookmarks" menu, and remove the bookmark. Beware, once removed, it can no longer be retrieved.

Bookmarks can be VERY useful. However, what if you need to get back to a website or web page you visited before, but you didn't bookmark it? Is there a way to find it again? There is... It's called "browser history".

Backtracking on the web

Your web browser (Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator) keeps a history of each and every page you've visited for the past several weeks and months. And you can access the history to help you locate a page you have visited before.

In both Netscape Navigator and Internet Explorer, the "history" is accessed by pressing Control-H. A window will pop-up and show you all the websites you've visited recently, in chronological order. You can then go through the list and search for the site you are looking for.

Not all browsers keep the same amount of data. Some computers may save data for months, while others only keep data for a few days. So try it, and see how much history your browser kept for you.

Both Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator allow you to sort the results by specific fields, like by last visited, by name, by URL, and so on. That will help you narrow down your choices.

Now, you can look up that website you've found by accident a while back, and now you can bookmark it so you can go back any time you like!


With bookmarks and history, you can "mark" your favorite spots on the web, and be able to get back to them without memorizing long URLs. You can also track your web journey and backtrack at any time.

Have fun exploring, and I'll see you on the web.


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