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Your Caregiver's Handbook

A handbook for taking care of senior parents

Becoming and then working as a caregiver for a friend or family member is a pretty tough undertaking.  Choosing to do so is more than just agreeing to take on a few added responsibilities.  It is in effect, choosing a lifestyle.   

Most people that require care are in a continual state of overall decline.  There are exceptions to the rule, but generally, the care recipient requires very little care to begin with, but escalates over time and with decline in overall condition.  More tasks need to be added to the caregiver's list and there are seldom any that are taken away.

This caregiver's handbook was created with the goal in mind to give caregiver's an idea of what may lay ahead, but most importantly, a reality check on the situation at hand... what is reasonable, and when too much is too much.

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