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Checklist for care-receiver:

  • All legal and financial matters are in order and available 
  • Physical and dental appointments are kept annually or more often if needed
  • The home environment is clean, safe and pleasant
  • Nutritional needs, exercise, sleep and social activities are maximized to the degree possible
  • Personal hygiene and grooming are done daily
  • Respite services have been utilized monthly/weekly
  • Level of care is reviewed monthly to ensure care-receiver is able to remain in the home
Checklist for the caregiver:
  • I am getting out/exercising at least once a week
  • I am getting at least seven to nine restful hours of sleep a night
  • I talk with or visit up to three friends or relatives weekly
  • I keep annual medical and dental appointments
  • I am taking only the medications as prescribed to keep up my health
  • My legal and financial papers, including wills, are in order and available
  • I have checked a new resource regarding care giving each week
  • I have read and am aware of the Caregiver's Bill of Rights
  • I am eating three balanced meals a day.