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Supplement & Vitamin Definitions & Glossary

What are supplements, minerals, and vitamins?  While most people know that they are vital to good health, few supplement manufacturers supply good information about their supplement products.  Vitamins and minerals are primarily derived from the food we eat.  However, seniors often cannot derive the full amount of vitamins and minerals that they need and taking supplements under a doctor or nutritionist's guidance may be recommended.

SeniorMag does not sell supplements nor do we maintain any interest in any supplement manufacturer.  Therefore, information about supplements contained in these pages is without bias by any supplement supplier.  

So much information about supplements is available, but most of it is aimed at producing supplement sales.  We believe that if you understand supplements properly and how they are used, you can use them more effectively. 

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Disclaimer:  SeniorMag does not recommend the taking of any given supplement or vitamin.  Information on supplements and vitamins is presented for information purposes only.  You should consult with your doctor before starting any supplement or vitamin therapy.  Some supplements can cause bad reactions in some people and may cause problems with other medications.  Always let your doctor know if you are taking any supplement of any kind. Your use of these pages means that you agree with and are bound by these statements.

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