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A little help along the way...
Caregiver's Handbook - Rights, responsibilities, and a checklist to keep your head on straight.  A no-nonsense guide to taking care of someone else.
Beat the Blues Away  - You cannot be as good for someone else if you are not good to yourself.
Handling Caregiver Stress - Care-giving can be very stressful.  Learn what it takes to cope
Stress Reduction Techniques - Specific things you can do to lower the stress of being a caregiver.
Helping Parents Plan - There does come a time to start making alternative living plans.  Sometimes, the sooner, the better
The Importance of Sleep - Sleep deprivation adds to stress and can cause physical and emotional problems for caregivers.
Support Group - Finding a support group can be a great way to reduce your load 
Home Care - When is the right time to start taking a look... and what should you look for?


Check Out Related Multimedia




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