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Supplements - V

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leucine and isoleucine 

  • Muscle –sparing amino acid (with leucine and isoleucine), preserves our muscles from the constant breakdown that occurs as a natural part of metabolism
  • Deficiency can cause an inflammation of the lower part of the throat and rectum; mental and emotional upsets, nervousness and insomnia. 
  • Glands and organs affected - thymus, lymph, tonsils, appendix, skin, duodenum, heart, liver, spleen, thyroid, posterior pituitary
  • Complementary Vitamins - A, C, E and B complex
  • Complementary Minerals – copper, manganese, magnesium, sulfur
  • For best effects, supplement with leucin, isoleucine and L-glutamine, another essential amino acid.


This perennial herb, also known as Phu and All Heal, is found growing wild all over Europe. It is also grown commercially worldwide. This herb contains rich amounts of magnesium, potassium and copper as well as some lead and zinc. It has volatile oil, alkaloids, valeric acid, formic acid, malic acid, tannins, gums, resin and iridoid compounds. The iridoid compounds are called valpotriates, and they infiltrate brain tissue, blood cells and the central nervous system to produce a strong sedative effect on the entire body. Valerian is a safe, non-addictive tranquilizing herb.

HISTORY: Valerian has been used for centuries as an ancient herbal tranquilizer. Ancient peoples to help relieve menstrual discomfort as well have used it to help heal Eyrsipelas. Eyrsipelas is an acute inflammation of the skin due to a disturbance in red blood cells caused by strep viral infections.

INTERNAL USE: It is taken as a tea, tincture or in capsule form. Valerian is used to help insomnia due to its mild sedative and tranquilizing properties. It is also reputed to help with menstrual pain and discomfort. Valerian can help people with restlessness or sleeplessness due to nervous conditions. It also is used to treat shingles, backaches, and certain eye inflammations. It is sometimes used as a substitute for synthetic valium. Unfortunately, it has an unpleasant odor, so the capsule form is the one generally preferred. Care must be used not to take large overdoses, as it can cause coma or death.

Needed for cellular metabolism and for formation of bones and teeth; plays role in growth and reproduction; inhibits cholesterol synthesis 
Deficiency may be linked to cardiovascular and kidney disease; impaired reproductive ability; increased infant mortality; not easily absorbed 

Dill, fish, olives, meat, radishes, snap beans, vegetable oils, whole grains 

May be interaction between vanadium and chromium if taking supplements, take them at different times; tobacco use decrease uptake of vanadium 

Diabetes therapy – newly discovered as an essential mineral in insulin-related conditions; works like insulin and helps cells absorb sugar more effectively (149); not absorbed will in the body though, so needs to be taken in large quantities and toxicity levels are yet to be discovered 


The tops of this herb are used medicinally. 

INTERNAL USE: Vervain will help pneumonia, asthma, congestive chest diseases, pains and Cramps in the stomach or bowels.


This herb‘s flowers and leaves of this plant are used medicinally. It contains vitamins A and C. 

INTERNAL USE: Violet helps asthma, sore throats, difficult breathing, bronchitis, coughs, whooping cough, head and sinus congestion. Violet is able to saturate the blood steam and lymphatic system to ensure that it is carried to where it is needed.

EXTERNAL USE: A poultice can help treat tumors, boils, abscesses, pimples, swollen glands and cancerous growths. Heavy research is being conducted into its cancer treating abilities.

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