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Pharmacies - Canadian PharmaciesPharmacies - Canadian Pharmacies  

Canadian Pharmacies/Drug Stores

Canadian Pharmacies buy and sell the same Find Canadian Pharmacies Onlineprescription medications that you can get locally, but you can often get them at 40% - 70% less.  We put several to the test right here at SeniorMag, saving almost 70% on medications for ourselves and families.  Check out any of these companies below for savings on your medications:  
 buying tips below

Pharmacies - Canadian PharmaciesCanadian PharmaciesPharmacies - Canadian Pharmacies

Company Link
ABC Online [More info] 
ADV Care [More info] 
Affordable RX [More info] 
All Canadian Meds [More info] 
American Drug Source [More info]  
AmeriCanaMeds [More info]
Canada Discount[More info]
Canada Drugs [More info]
Canada Family Meds [More info]
Canada Med Express [More info]
Canada Medicine Company [More info]
Canada Online Meds [More info]
Canada Payless RX [More info]
Canada Pharm [More info]
Canada Pharmacy [More info]
Canada PharmEx Pharmacy [More info]
Canada RX Connection [More info]
Canada Value Meds [More info]
Canadian Drug Store, The [More info] 
Canadian Drugs [More info]
Canadian Drugs 4 US [More info]
Canadian Med Service Pharmacy [More info]
Canadian Pharmacy Group [More info]
Canadian RF Drug [More info]
Canad RX  [More info]
CanAmerica Drugs [More info]
Can Drugs [More info]
CanDrugStore [More info]
Canuk Drugs [More info]
Can USA Med Express [More info]
Cheap RX Meds [More info]
Cross Border [More info]
Doctor Solve [More info]
Econo Meds Mart [More info]
First Nation Meds Mart [More info]
Get Canadian Drugs [More info]
Global Drugs [More info]
Health Smart [More info]
Heartland [More info]
Hometown Meds [More info]
Le Pharmacy [More info]
Lifeline Pharmacy [More info]
Lifhaus Medicines [More info]
Med Center Canada [More info]
Mediplan [More info]
Medisave [More info]
Med Outlet [More info]
Meds 4U [More info]
Minit Drugs [More info]
My Drugs[More info]
Online Pharmacies [More info]
Payless Medications [More info]
Pharmacy Can [More info]
Pharmacy Online [More info]
Pilot Mound [More info]
Polar Meds [More info]
Prairie Meds [More info]
Prescripnet [More info]
Real Fast Drug Store [More info]
River City Meds [More info]
Rx Canada Prescriptions [More info]
Rx Care Canada [More info]
Rx1 [More info]
Rx 4us [More info]
Rx by Fax[More info]
Rx Counter [More info]
Rx North [More info]
Ship Rx Canada [More info]
Shop Canada Rx [More info]
Smart Med [More info]
TC Pharmacy [More info]
Thrifty Meds [More info]

 Buying tips: 

1. Be sure to compare prices before you buy. Some drugs will be cheaper at one than another.  

We recommend compiling a list of your medications and then review pricing at several websites for your entire list of prescription medications.  Be sure to factor in shipping costs.  While one person with one set of medications might find one Pharmacy to be cheaper, your list might mean that a different place would be your best bet. 

Splitting your order among several different Canadian Pharmacies may or may not be in your best interests.  Much of what determines this is whether there are charges for shipping, if there are minimum purchases points where the pharmacy will pay the shipping for you, and how you can combine your prescription medications into a single order to minimize the shipping costs.

2. Do not buy prescriptions from any pharmacy if they do not require a prescription from your doctor.  Some Internet pharmacies claim that their doctor will write your prescription.  Don't fall for it.  No doctor can assess your physical problems without a personal visit and a complete understanding of your medical history.  Internet doctors who write prescriptions without seeing you are dangerous.  If they cannot be trusted to obey the law, neither can the medications they sell.

3. Be sure to check shipping rates as well and try to include as many prescriptions as you can in a single order.  Ask about shipping costs.  

In many cases, Canadian Pharmacies have a flat shipping charge or at least a minimum shipping charge and then it increases only incrementally after that.  If one prescription from Canada costs $6.00 to ship and you get 5 prescriptions shipped for $10.00, you've just saved $20.00 in shipping over ordering them one at a time.  Some Canadian Pharmacies may even give you free shipping with minimum purchases.

4. Have your doctor write out the largest prescription possible - usually 3 months.  This way you can take advantage of shipping and quantity discounts when buying medications.

5. Know when your medications were shipped and how they have been shipped so that you can watch for them.  If you don't receive them in reasonable time, contact the Pharmacy to have them tracked.

6. Check your medications right away.  If you have a problem, be sure to contact the Pharmacy that you ordered from immediately.

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