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Canadian Pharmacies/Drug Stores

Advertise your Canadian Pharmacy currently sees approximately 200,000 seniors and family caregivers per month.  We've started this section in July, 2004 because we believe that seniors need to become acquainted with Canadian pharmacies and it will move to the top of search engine quickly.  Add that to our already sizeable traffic, and you have an incredible audience of seniors and caregivers that are looking to get help and save money.  That's what is all about.

If you would like your Canadian pharmacy advertised here, you can get a free listing by contacting us and giving us the basic information about your company.  We will create the page with no setup fee or monthly charge.  No strings attached.  Send it to  

Premium listing

There is a growing number of Canadian pharmacies on the Internet and so getting customers before they go elsewhere is a top priority.  First on any list almost always gets the most traffic and you can get to the top of the list here at with a monthly paid subscription.  We've kept it simple.

Paid subscribers receive:

Top of the list, above all free subscriptions - We limit this to no more than 10 to reduce competition.  This is on a first come - first serve basis and when 10 positions are filled, that's it.  Newcomers will have to wait until or unless someone drops off.

Your page will have your website and email address hyperlinked so that consumers can click and go.  All others remain unhyperlinked.

You can place your logo, up to 200x200 pixels in size in GIF/JPEG format only on your page.

All other advertising is removed from that page including and limited to top and side banners.  Your page is your page alone.

You may list your current advertised special and special shipping incentives.  We are quite liberal with allowing what you want as long as it is legal in the U.S.

Your 200x120 banners are seen on the side margin of all other pages by non-subscribers.  At this time, that is approximately 120 pages but excluding the main directory page.  All banner ads are placed above Google ads or any other ad that will be on the side margin of the page.

Initial cost for a premium listing is $450 per month with a 3-month minimum at this time, but will likely go up in the near future.  Sign up for 6 months and get a 10% discount and lock in the current price.

So how do you get to the top of the listing of 10 and get your name on top?  Add stars to your listing.  The more stars, the higher you go.  Additional stars are added at a rate of $20 per star per month of the contract and the more stars you have, the higher you are.  This also corresponds to the placement of your banner on other pages as well.  

How much difference does placement mean?  Number one may or may not be huge.  It all depends on your profit margin.  But when profits are high and customers are important, it does add up according to a recent study quoted by E-marketer on paid placement.  How much is paid placement worth on your profit margin?

Contact us at to talk with a representative.


Sponsored listings are on a first come-first serve basis with no more than 10 sponsored listings showing at any time.

The number of stars can only be changed on a monthly basis, regardless of the contract term.

SeniorMag takes checks and MasterCard and Visa only.  We must receive payment before listings go live.  First come-first serve is based on when a contract is signed, but shall be considered void if payment is not received within 7 days - No exceptions.

You may go on a first come-first serve waiting list, but your option will be lost if we have not been able to make contact with you and/or if an agreement is not received within 3 working days.

Since we cannot control the Internet, the quality of your ad, the nature of your customer service, your prices, the functionality of your site, or monitor who places orders with you, there are no guarantees of click-throughs or sales.  As with all advertising, placement is a risk that goes with the advertiser only.  There simply are no refunds, pro-rata or otherwise, though you have our firm commitment that we will do our best to help you succeed.


Canadian pharmacies and online drug stores

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