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8.22.2003 Caregiver Directory hits new highs
The National Caregiver Directory has hit all expectations and continues to grow according to web stats.

Over 30,000 searches per month are performed looking for senior caregivers and the pattern continues to grow.  Adult family caregivers are looking for professional services to fill this growing need and it's not easy for local providers to make contact with seniors' adult children who don't live nearby, about 70% according to recent surveys in this target market.  Even those that live nearby often don't even know what to look under.  Yellow pages don't carry this category yet and that often leaves homecare providers to list under home health which isn't even an accurate description.

The Directory fills this need both for local searchers as well as those that don't live near their parents.

3.25.2003 SeniorMag Launches New Section
Family caregivers have always had a problem connecting with remote businesses to take care of senior parents in their homes.  

SeniorMag helps solve this problem with the National Directory of Home Care Providers, listing companies that provide personal and health related services to seniors at home.  Prior to this, no such directory exists on the web where more than 60% of family caregivers must go to find services when their parents don't live in the same town.

Conversely, most home care providers are small companies that can only afford to get the word out locally at most.  SeniorMag intends to keep the pricing very reasonable for these companies and provide long-term value to both our readers and Home Care companies. 

7.15.2002 SeniorMag Legal Corner Launch
Due to high demand, from readers, SeniorMag officially launches Legal Corner, a section dedicated solely to the legal needs of seniors and caregivers.  SeniorMag welcomes it's over 100 Charter Sponsors and thanks them for their support.

We at SeniorMag believe that seniors have many similar but other very unique legal needs and concerns.  It is the intention of SeniorMag to take some of the mystery out of the legal process, facilitate communication between the legal profession and seniors and caregivers, and develop a high level of awareness of those needs within the community.

3.25.2002 SeniorMag officially launches 
SeniorMag was founded in September 2001 to help create, manage and enable effective home care and deliver quality products and services to seniors, handicapped, others that require at home care, and/or their families and caregivers.

Having completed marketing research and developing the SeniorMag business and technical infrastructure, SeniorMag was officially launched, offering seniors and caregivers a comprehensive source of information.  Though many features of the site are already present, SeniorMag will be adding a great number of features over the coming months.



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