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Caregiver's Handbook

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Rights, responsibilities, and a checklist to keep your head on straight.  A no-nonsense guide to taking care of someone else.

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Looking for someone to take care of Mom? - SeniorMag's National Directory of Home Care and Home Health Care Providers is your first stop.  The first and only directory just for seniors.


What is an American - A thanks to our neighbors and friends

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Glutathione to help prevent flu - Recent studies show that glutathione is not only a great anti-oxidant but may help to prevent colds and flu in seniors

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Building your immune system - At age 50, it becomes more important than ever and the ticket to a longer healthier life.

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Tis The Season - For winter colds and flu.  But what are they and what do they do.  A primer on winter crud.

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Travel Bargains - Timeshare are taking hold and new bargains let you test them out before buying.

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