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Why Target Seniors?
(US Census data)

  • Nearly 28% of all seniors are Internet enabled.  Of Seniors who are in the top 30% income bracket, nearly 80% are Internet enabled.

  • Seniors (50+) are the fastest growing market today, now comprising 37% of the U.S. adult population and rising to 45% by 2015.

  • Seniors control over 70% of all disposable income with $1.6 trillion in spending power with more than $1 trillion of that spend on goods and services.

  • Seniors spend over $7 billion online

  • Seniors have a cumulative household value of $19 trillion.

  • Seniors purchase more than 40% of all new cars and over 80% of the luxury new cars.

  • Seniors account for more than 80% of leisure travel.

  • Seniors purchase 74% of all prescriptions

  • Seniors spend more time online than teenagers. In less than our first two months online, SeniorMag was attracting an astounding number of viewers and the numbers continue to grow.




Marketing to Seniors

The Myth
Marketing to Seniors??? Somewhere...  someone...  decided that unless you were selling creams, ointments, medigap insurance, or burial insurance, there was no point in targeting the senior market.  

After all (so the theory goes), all seniors live exclusively on their monthly Social Security check and they have no purchasing power whatsoever.  As for being tech-savvy, seniors don't own computers much less know how to navigate the Internet.  Wrong... on all counts!

Companies that don't give a second thought to the senior market are already handing over significant business to those that do.

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Year 2005 - What makes seniors tick?  Who are they, what do they buy and why do they buy it?

Seniors Marketing Info
(.pdf file size 267K)

The Reality - Marketing to seniors makes good business sense 

If your business offers products or services that are of interest to seniors, at least 70% of your customers should be over 50 years old.  If not, you are losing some of the best paying and loyal customers there are. 

Marketing Trick  #1: The best way to develop any new market is to pick that market that your competitor is least likely to defend and build yourself around it.  Since senior markets are often ignored by your competition, it is a perfect market to attack and build yourself as the senior-friendly company.  Seniorize your business!!

Seniors control 70% of the disposable income in the United States.  It's simple math. One-third of the nation controls two-thirds of the spending capital.  Put more simply...

Seniors Buy More! 

Yet corporate America has yet to fully recognize the financial clout and potential contribution of this market.  

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Factoid #1: For all the talk about the Internet being a level playing field for small business, it was, then it wasn't, then it was, and then it wasn't again.  Why is it that your site can't get ranked anymore?   

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Comparing the needs and wants of seniors to any younger group will show that there is about 90% correlation.  Seniors usually need and want the same things, just in different quantities and with different priorities.  The most important difference is the message and the venue.

Factoid #2: Seniors purchase 25% of all toys.  

If that surprises you, then the senior market for your product/service may also be a shock.

Marketing Trick  #2: Go where your customers are and you will have more business than the guy that waits to be found.

Getting there is easier than it sounds 

SeniorMag is where seniors and adult caregivers of seniors are gathering, by the thousands... daily!  Having gone live in February of 2002, SeniorMag has developed a following that dwarfs sites that have been around for years.  Currently, SeniorMag has averages 4800 unique viewers every day.  The average viewer reads 7.47 pages per visit and sticks around for over 12 minutes.  That's more page views and longer online than the vast majority of sites.

By partnering with SeniorMag, you can tap into the senior market in a way that isn't available anywhere else.  

If you would like to know more, email us at and one of our representatives will be in contact with you.

Factoid #3: Be careful when you talk to online companies about their viewership.  Most count "hits", not "viewers", and nobody talks about "page-views".  At SeniorMag, we use the numbers that count.


If you want to market to seniors, go to where the seniors are, SeniorMag.  SeniorMag leads are:

  • Highly targeted
  • Interested in what you have to say
  • Looking for goods and services
  • And they have the money to spend
Factoid #4: Seniors may need special consideration in what they view online.

Seniors need many of the same services and products that everyone else does.  They are however, smarter and do their research better than most other potential clients.  

They are more careful about who they do business with, and they want to know more about you before doing business with you.  

If you give them the information that they are looking for and offer them more information than they expect and much more than your competition, you are at least going to get an opportunity.

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Marketing Trick  #3: Strive for customer loyalty not mere satisfaction.  Give your customer's what they expect, then give them what they want, and then surprise them with just a little more.

If you don't offer special senior discounts, consider whether you should and whether it will bring you additional business that would have otherwise gone to your competition.  Senior discounts aren't always possible or reasonable, but in many cases, they are.

Marketing Trick  #4: Seniors are savvy shoppers.  They understand the value of money not spent.  If you offer deals to seniors, let them know and they will be all over your business.  Don't hide great deals.  

Seniors are a more varied group than any other age group of people.  This niche covers all races, socio-economic channels, political and religious persuasions, and of course genders.  

There is much that needs to be taken into consideration in developing your message to seniors.  SeniorMag knows.

SeniorMag staff have been marketing to seniors for decades and we've learned a bit in the process.  We've cut our teeth on this market, understand the market, and are unusually adept at reaching this market with the right message.

Factoid #5: SeniorMag is quickly gaining top recognition from more than just seniors.  In fact, in our first two months, the United States Social Security Administration and Time-Warner Roadrunner Cable recognized SeniorMag and gave us top reviews.

SeniorMag has several very well priced and effective options depending upon your needs and your budget.  One of our staff will be happy to go through each one of our options.  

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