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Authorized Images

Images that are submitted are only considered acceptable if they correspond to the rules as set forth on this site:

  • Acceptable image file types: jpeg, jpg, or gif

  • Maximum image size: 200x200 pixels

  • Resolution: 72 dpi

  • No more that two images per profile page

Images that are larger than this will be reduced to fit by SeniorMag staff. No image enhancements or other alterations will be done.   

Be sure to reference your business name and location in the subject field.

Tip: You are allowed two images.  It is recommended that one be your company logo.  If you are a retail merchant, you may want to consider using an image of a primary product line.  Otherwise you may select any image of your choice as long as you legally have the right to do so.  An example of this might be that of a professional association or organization.  You may want to consider using a logo of a supplier that offers a cooperative advertising program.  Be sure to check the rules of that program prior to submission if you are depending upon coop reimbursement. 

Note: Some large images, especially those that contain small features or text will lose some of their detail.  If your images are substantially larger than the maximum image size, consider having them reduced in their original Photoshop (or other image editor application) format and then save as jpeg or gif.  This will give you a better small image than one that is simply reduced in size.

Legal:  You must maintain legal authority to use any image that you submit to SeniorMag to be used on your site.  By submitting any image, you state that you have such legal authority to use that image.  You agree to hold SeniorMag harmless for the use of any image that you send to us.  In the event that we are notified by any party that the display of any image violates any copyright, SeniorMag reserves the right to eliminate such image from your profile page without prior notice.  In such event, all correspondence will be turned over to you for your resolution.


Send image files as an attachment to:  




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