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Seattle Washington

#2 America's 2007 Top Cities For Seniors 

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Our northwest rounds out its lead in being a great place for seniors with Seattle Washington.  Seattle distinguishes itself as having the top health system in the country for seniors with a wide variety of progressive and prevention services offered at most levels and few people falling through the cracks. 

As a result, Seattle residents on average can look forward to fewer heart attacks and a longer life.

Add to this a low rate of disease, a very good transportation system for seniors, good senior meals programs and a great environment, and you have a great place to live. 

The level of stress for seniors is kept low by the above factors along with a great economy.  Though the cost of living is slightly above average in Seattle, itís not bad and whether youíve lived and worked there all your life or are moving there to retire, the cost of living and especially what you get for it in Seattle are amongst the best.

Again, like most of the northwest, while the climate overall is very good, those who a lot of sunshine and are prone to depression when they donít get it are probably not going to find what they are looking for.  While most people think of Seattle as the rain capital of the U.S., it actually rains far more in other cities known for sunshine like Atlanta.  The thing is that it just rains often and when it stops, itís foggy and cloudy.  If this is a problem, you shouldnít live in Seattle.

For most people however, you will find Seattle to be a wonderful place to live both summer and winter. 

Seattle Washington gets the nod for Senior Magazineís 2007 number 2 city in the U.S. for seniors.



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