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Salt Lake City/Ogden Utah

#10 America's 2007 Top Cities For Seniors 

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Sitting out in the desert all by itself, Salt Lake City and Ogden Utah finish out the Top 10 in our list of Top Cities for Seniors. 

Though Salt Lake City only claims 180,000 people and Ogden only 78,000, the Salt Lake region, it is part of a much bigger metro area called the Wasatch Front with a population of about 2.1 million people. 

Salt Lake scores very high in several areas, particularly in spirituality and resulting social networks.  The raw numbers however, may have to be discounted slightly due to a disproportionate distribution between various religions.  Itís very good if you are Mormon, not as good if you are anything else. 

Salt Lake City scores incredibly well in many other areas.  Housing costs are low compared to other cities its size, taxes are quite reasonable, and the cost of living is about as good as you can get anywhere in the United States. 

Crime is superb compared to other cities of the same size.  Violent crime and property crime are both low.

Citizen health is also very good in the Salt Lake City area.  The single downside to the overall citizen health in the area is a large number of high ozone days.  This combined with hot summer days can pose a significant health risk to seniors. 

The number of physicians is well above average at 290 physicians per 100,000 people compared to 170 on a national average. 

Salt Lake City would score far higher in Senior Magazineís 2007 Top Cities for Seniors list other than the one thing they can do nothing about.  The amount of precipitation is extremely low in the summertime with less than have the average rainfall and more than twice the snowfall in the wintertime. 



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