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Raleigh North Carolina

#5 America's 2007 Top Cities For Seniors 

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Coming at number 5 and 1st in the southern half of the nation is Raleigh, NC with a relatively small population of 318,000 people.  It is by far the smallest city to date despite its 15% population growth since 2000.  Raleigh is a city that is on the move and for some very good reasons.

Located halfway between the Appalachian Mountains and the Atlantic Ocean, Raleigh acts as an incredible hub of Interstates that go every direction.  US 40 and US 85 merge just west of the city and US 95 is just a short drive away.  Though the public transportation system in Raleigh tends to be lacking, navigation in and out and around the city is very well established, meaning that seniors who drive can get around far easier than they can in many other major cities. 

Raleigh also scores near the top of the nation in the health of its citizens because of a very diverse and sophisticated healthcare system.  Air quality seems to be a bit low, but water quality is excellent and there are about 225 physicians per 100 thousand people vs. a US average of 175.

As you would expect, the climate in Raleigh is a bit warmer than one would find in its northern counterparts.  Hotter summers however, may be balanced with warmer winters and a lack of snowfall that keeps Raleigh roads safer and easier to get around on. 

Raleigh also gets fairly good marks for faith and faith support as well, though not as high as one would think it might as part of the “Bible belt”.  Just 45% consider themselves to be religious compared to 58% in Chicago and 59% in Atlanta. 

Raleigh makes Senior Magazine’s 2007 cut as the 5th best city for seniors and the best in the southern United States. 



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