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Portland Oregon

#1 America's 2007 Top Cities For Seniors

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At the absolute top of the list is the City of Roses, Portland OR.  With an approximate 2007 population of 545,000 people and a growth rate of approximately 3% per year, Portlandís growth is manageable. 

Portland is great for seniors with a very impressive assortment of progressive healthcare and home care services, assisted living options, a high provision of available senior meal services, and an excellent public transportation system that offers a high level of special access services.  

This is a city that has kept seniors in mind in their expansion efforts and they are to be highly commended.

The level of stress for seniors in Portland Oregon is also amongst the lowest in the nation.  The factors present here that keep that stress low are a great economy, availability of services, a moderate crime rate for the size of the city, a relatively low disease rate brought on by a great healthcare system, and a moderate climate that is not prone to extremes.

One of the hardest things for many seniors to handle are extreme weather conditions and while Portland skies may not routinely shine, overall weather does with it rarely hitting freezing in the winter and almost never a hot day in the summer.  

Seniors should find getting about in Portland to be a breeze on just about any day of the year.

On the downside, housing prices in Portland are a bit high and continuing to rise at rapid rates.  This is great of course if you can afford a house to begin with or already live there as your equity becomes your biggest retirement investment.  

With an average home cost of $290,000, many retirees may find that a move to Portland is a bit out of the questions. 

Despite the housing costs, Portland Oregon gets the nod for Senior Magazineís 2007, city of the year for seniors.



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