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Pittsburgh Pennsylvania

#4 America's 2007 Top Cities For Seniors 

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To non-Pittsburgh Pennsylvania residents, it may come as a surprise that the city scores in the top 5 for seniors, but it holds onto a solid position of number 4 and the 323,000 people that live there aren’t surprised.  They know they have a gem and they don’t mind you knowing about it.    

Pittsburgh’s public transportation system is one of the finest in the country, offering both great bus service and light rail (called their “T”), and also offering a very unique service rarely found anywhere else called the Monongahela and Duquesne Inclines, a set of railcar systems designed to help walking residents access different parts of the city. 

Where Pittsburgh also shines is in its spiritual support, offering as many churches as most southern cities and a high percentage of churchgoers.  Pittsburgh also shines with regard to cost of living and low cost housing.  You don’t need to be wealthy to live a nice lifestyle in this city. 

While many non-Pittsburgh residents think of the city as a tough steel town, Pittsburgh also happens to have one of the lowest crime rates, and its hard-working blue-collar residents take pride in their no-nonsense attitude about crime. 

The only things that keep Pittsburgh Pennsylvania from scoring any higher in our survey of Best Cities For Seniors is a relatively low ratio of senior residence options and adult day care.  This however, provides plenty of other senior care opportunities in the area and right now, home care is a hot and growing business.

Add to this one of the friendliest populations, lots of great sporting event opportunities, close proximity to wonderful countryside trips, and you have one of the greatest places for seniors in the U.S.  It’s probably also why Pittsburgh has the highest percentage of seniors living there of anywhere in our survey. 

Pittsburgh Pennsylvania gets the nod for Senior Magazine’s 2007 number 4 city in the U.S. for seniors.



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