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Milwaukee Wisconsin

#3 America's 2007 Top Cities For Seniors 

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Though itís not a surprise to 584,000 residents of Milwaukee, we were pleased to find that it ranks number 3 in SeniorMagís list of top cities for seniors.  Sure, it can get cold there and you will most certainly have frosty windows and icy walks in the winter.  Itís Wisconsin, so you expect that.

But for the rest of the year and for the many of the other reasons why people choose to live somewhere, Milwaukee cleans up.  Pull January and February out of the mix, and this city would have easily made number one.

What makes Milwaukee great are its number one transportation system, very low housing costs, and one of the top progressive healthcare systems in the country. 

Seniors need to be able to be out and about and to do so, they need to have a decent public transportation system, a good road system, and enough good health to go somewhere.  Milwaukee residents have all three. 

Milwaukeeans are also pretty safe compared to other cities, especially in outlying suburbs.  This is a major low stress factor for vulnerable seniors.  Add to this a thriving economy, attention to senior services, and one of the friendliest cities around, and Milwaukee shines, even on the coldest winter day.

Milwaukee Wisconsin gets the nod for Senior Magazineís 2007 number 3 city in the U.S. for seniors.



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