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Marshfield Wisconsin

#8 America's 2007 Top Cities For Seniors 

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Marshfield WI doesn’t fit into the large metro areas that the other cities in our surveys did with barely 19,000 residents, and so the comparisons are hard to make, but we received an amazing number of votes for this little central Wisconsin city, and so we had to take a further look.  

Compared to other cities of its size, Marshfield is one amazing little town, packing just about everything that you could hope for into its tiny borders.  

Cost of living in Marshfield is particularly low with being 20% lower than the national average.  With an average home value of merely $132,000, almost anyone can afford to live here.  The population in this city remains pretty static however, giving us the impression that Marshfield is Wisconsin's best kept secret.  

Leading the pack of special is St. Joseph’s Hospital with services that you would have to travel to Milwaukee or Minneapolis to otherwise find, and Marshfield Clinic that is well known to attract some of the best medical minds in country.  

Marshfield sports an unbelievable 614 physicians per 100,000 people, a rate that is not exceeded anywhere else in the USA to the best of our information.  The diversity in practice would also be amazing for a city 100 times it's size. 

This community shows its leadership in more than just medical services however.  Find the Hope Lodge within a few blocks of St Joseph's Hospital, that allows cancer patients and families to stay for free including some meals and supported only by local residents and others who value this kind of true giving attitude.

Granted, Marshfield can get cold in January and there's often a fair amount of snow.  On the other hand, folks in Marshfield take life pretty slowly and know that if the weather gets too bad, you just stay at home where it's nice and toasty.  

Chances are that you don't have to go very far either given the size of the city.  Leave home even at "rush hour" and you will still be at your destination in a matter of minutes on average with very patient traffic in between.  The average commute is at 14 minutes, but given the fact that speed limits rarely exceed 25 miles per hour, it's still pretty good.  

The downside to transportation in Marshfield is that there's not much of public transportation system.  Conversely, you probably don't need it.  

Stress in Marshfield is about as low as you can get it and this coupled with big city medical services makes Marshfield a very healthy place to live. 

Senior Magazine salutes Marshfield Wisconsin for being the 2007 best small Top City for Seniors in America, and number 8 in the overall rankings. 



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