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Warning signs of a poor chiropractor  


By: Mahlon Wagner, Ph. D.

  1. Chiropractors who advertise excessively.

  2. Anyone who offers "free X-rays" or "free spinal exams."

  3. Takes full-spine or repeated x-rays

  4. Fails to take a comprehensive history and do a clinical exam to determine the cause of your problem.

  5. Asks you to fill out a 4-page questionnaire on your dietary (or even psychological) habits.

  6. Claims that the treatment will improve immune function, benefit organ systems, or cure disease.

  7. Offers to sell you vitamin cures, nutritional remedies, or homeopathic remedies.

  8. Advises you not to have your children immunized.

  9. Wants you to sign a contract for long-term care.

  10. Wants you to return even if no progress has occurred after two weeks and/or a half dozen visits.

  11. Promises to prevent disease through regular check-ups and manipulation.

  12. Attributes your problems to "Vertebral Subluxation" and promotes the "adjustment" as the solution to your complaint.

  13. Suggests that medical physicians are simply against chiropractors or implies that chiropractic is somehow better than medicine

Disclaimer: The above article is submitted by the author and does not necessarily represent the views of or it's editorial board.


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