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Thanks for choosing to become one of SeniorMag's Senior Residence Sponsors.  SeniorMag has one of the largest volume of visitors on our site daily and thousands search our Assisted Living Centers pages every week.

This information will be used to create your company profile page.  Please be sure that all information is accurate and provide as much information as you would like prospective clients to see.  

A field designation of "N/A" means that field will not be shown at all.

Your contact information as you would like to have it listed 
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Street Address
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Zip/Postal Code

Normal office hours and time zone:  

Primary type of facility:  

Medicare coverage of services: 

Are pets allowed:

Emergency contact number: 

In business since:  Year

Business associations and affiliations:

Chamber of Commerce

Professional affiliations and associations (list one on each line):

We highly recommend that you list your costs as it is a primary consideration to anyone that would consider your facility.  It is not required however.  If your facility does not have an identifiable range (e.g. percentage of income), type the "%" sign in each box.
Highest monthly cost: 

Lowest monthly cost: 

Total number of employees: 

Total number of units: 

Total number of independent living units: 

Total number of assisted living units: 

Total number of nursing care units: 

Total number of Alzheimer's/memory units: 

Do you do criminal records checks on employees: 

Do you do employment background checks on employees? 

Do you drug screen your employees? 

Is your facility on a bus line? 

Images that will be provided by you for your page:

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Please input your text that will be used in the body of your page (optional).  Please note that SeniorMag will not edit your text.  It should conform to our merchant rules of conduct.  You are responsible for spell-check, grammar, and punctuation.  No HTML tags are allowed.  SeniorMag reserves the right to format the text according to our site format requirements:

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