Emoticons - Expressing yourself online

If you are new to the Internet or even if you are not, those funny little expressions that people sometime use in chat or email may seem a bit odd.  Most people know that :-) is a smiley and signifies a person is either happy or kidding around.  But what about the others.  

Here's a little guide that can help you and perhaps help you look like you are the net wonder.  Use 'em to spice up the email and make people wonder what you are up to: 

:-) Smile
;-) Smile with a wink
:<}) User with mustache, smiling
:-P Sticking out your tongue
:-( Sad
:' -( Crying
:-|| Mad
:~ Also crying
:-)) Really happy
:-D Big grin
:-* A kiss
:-P~ A lick
;-^) Tongue in cheek
:-| Grim
:-o Wow! or I'm surprised
:- User happens to be Popeye
:-/ Perplexed
=:O Frightened (hair standing on end)
=8O Bug-eyed with fright
.) Keeping an eye out for you
:-)<>>>>> Basic Smiley with a necktie
:-} Embarrassed smile
%*@:-( Hung over
:-~~~ Drooling
>:) Perplexed look
]:-|[ Robot
8:-) Glasses on forehead
8:[ Normal smiling face of a gorilla
0:-) Angel
(_8-(|) Homer Simpson
(:V) Duck
3:-o Cow
:-] Vampire
*<:-) Santa Claus
C|:-= Charlie Chaplin
=|:-)= Abe Lincoln
>:-< Mad
(:)-) Scuba diver
:-'| User has a cold
:-{} User with heavy lipstick
:-)8 User is well dressed
oooo(0) (0)oooo Toes
#-) User partied all night
<:I Dunce
:-| "Have an ordinary day!" Smiley
:}{: Kisses (stolen from June bug)
(-_-) Secret smile
#.-o "Oh, noooo Mr. Bill!!!"


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