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Why advertise with

Advertising with any organization should include a bit of knowledge as to who sees the site and how visible they are in a given industry segment. targets 3 specific communities:

  • Seniors
  • Adult senior caregiver children
  • Senior care industry experts

Demographics (partial)

In a recent study of 2438 respondents:

  • Average age: 59
  • Male/female: 42/58
  • Average household income (identified as an income range): $65,000-$75,000
  • Home owners: 82%
  • Involved with senior care for 2 generations concurrently: 13%
  • Dual income (full-time): 27%
  • Dual income (second job is part time): 36%


Of course the number one question of interest for advertising on any site is how many visitors does the site see.  This varies with any site and is constantly going up with  Ask us where we are and we will let you know.

But how do people find  

  • SeniorMag engages in periodic cross-promotion with other relevant sites.
  • SeniorMag purchases CPC advertising through various advertising networks.
  • We periodically produce press releases and PR statements to get additional media attention

  • SeniorMag is also highly placed in search engines for specific industry and consumer keywords.  We do extensive SEO (search engine optimization) to draw in traffic.  Where do we rank?  First page for many keywords:

For more information on where we hit in keywords, see Advertising Information




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