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Return on Investment (ROI)

Those magic three letters are (or should be) the determining factor for every business decision made.  ROI can be measured in many ways including a return on investment to the community, to morale, in public values, etc.  However, it is most often measured financially.  Without such attention to the financial ROI, few businesses will stay around long.  

Varying factors are touted as the necessary ingredients in determining ROI, but all fall around the following principles and why advertising on SeniorMag is such an obviously good risk:

Risk of Loss - Will the organization be hurt if there isn't an adequate return?  At $199, we've chosen to make this opportunity available to even the smallest businesses.  Even the greatest skeptical CFO won't have nightmares over this investment.

Acceptable Return - How many new clients would have to be acquired in order to make the investment pay off?  Is that number achievable or even possible?  

This is the astounding reality.  If you fill one vacancy for one month as a result of your listing, that revenue would pay for more than 10 years of listing.  With the first month's revenue from just one client, you are significant money ahead of the investment.  That's astounding value!




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